The republicans Are Strangely Acting Like bush is a Democrat

From last night’s speeches at the republican National Convention…

carly fiorina – the CEO that nearly drove HP into the ground.  If you didn’t know, she’s mccain’s top economic adviser replacing Mr. “Americans are Whining” phil gramm.  Seeing that mccain tapped her as an economic adviser shows just how much judgment he has lost in his later days.

Today, Americans are concerned about keeping their jobs, about keeping their homes, about the rising price of food and fuel.

They are concerned about whether they will be able to find or afford the right health care.

They are concerned about whether they or their children will have the skills and education they need to compete in the twenty first century.”

No shiat.  Did you forget that the concern comes because of the failure of the last 8 years?

“I know John McCain. And if we make the right choice, in 2013, American families will keep more of their hard-earned money. Small and large businesses alike will be creating jobs here and spurring robust economic growth, because America will once again be a great place to build a business.”

The last 8 years have blown.  Why should be assume the next 4 years will be any different?

“Workers will be able to seek retraining to ensure they have the latest skills.”

Where has the retraining been over the last 8 years?

meg whitman – former CEO and board member of Ebay.  Keep in mind, Ebay owes a lot to the technology research that the Clinton administration heavily funded in the 90s.

“It would be foolish to deny what we all know to be true. Our economy is struggling and Americans are hurting. We live in a time of economic anxiety and hardships.

The cost of everything from gasoline to groceries to health care has gone up, while the value of our homes and our investments has gone down. Mortgages once thought to be safe are now threatened, and industries that were once strong are now dying.”

Please explain how john mccain will be any different than bush.  In fact, I’ll go out on a limb after mccain’s erratic behavior lately (pick of palin without anyone truly vetting her, “we are all georgians” comment, Time Magazine interview, etc) and say that I would prefer bush to mccain.  This is coming from somebody that utterly hates dubya.

mitt romney – an East Coast guy that started off his speech by ripping on the East Coast.  I’m not sure that he delivered the right speech. Meaning, I think this was supposed to be somebody else’s speech. I’m not kidding.

“Our economy is under attack. China is acting like Adam Smith on steroids, buying oil from the world’s worst and selling nuclear technology. Russia and the oil states are siphoning more than $500 billion a year from us in what could become the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history. This is no time for timid, liberal empty gestures.

Our economy has slowed down this year and a lot of people are hurting. What happened? Mortgage money was handed out like candy, speculators bought homes for free — when this mortgage mania finally broke, it slammed the economy. And stratospheric gas prices made things even worse.”

Our economy has slowed down this year?  Are you serious?  You haven’t really been paying attention to the last 8 years.  Moreover, as is the theme of this blog posting, everything you mentioned is a direct result of the current REPUBLICAN administration.  Take some fcking blame you spin selling snake oil selling piece of shiat.

P.S.  My favorite line form last night was when romney tried to scare everyone (again) by saying…

“Did you hear any Democrats talk last week about the threat from radical, violent jihad? Republicans believe that there is good and evil in the world.”

I don’t think romney realizes yet that Americans have become rightfully numb of republican fed fear.

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