“About sarah palin: an E-mail from Wasilla” by Anne Kilkenny

Probably the best thing I’ve read in awhile…


Assuming the email is legit – I am too lazy/tired to search and confirm – I admire how it isn’t a left wing nut job dramatic attack or a right wing spin selling “masterpiece.” Absolutely perfect read.

Digg, thank you and I seriously love you sometimes. huh?

2 thoughts on ““About sarah palin: an E-mail from Wasilla” by Anne Kilkenny

  1. mmmmmm…k. This is an unsubstantiated piece of opinion…kind of like blogging that Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughters…speculative and nothing more than rambling. Interesting, she ‘qualifies’ that the baby is hers, when Liberals are looking to say that it isn’t, then view something random like this, then jump on board with it.

    I think you guys on the Left must have to keep a ‘score’ sheet, perhaps a little book of lies to keep track of which side of an issue you’re on at any given moment.

    My favorite part is the whole gay marriage part, citing that while she opposes gay marriage, she vetoed a bill that would deny benefits, etc…because it was “unconstitutional”…I don’t think the Left admires the Constitution the way most of America does…

    Flip Flop, Political Games…you guys should manufacture more biased media coverage over this…I know: Emailgate! Maybe you could interview a Moose or link her to a salmon scandal or something…

    She did a great job last night; The Dem’s have to be scared of her…come on, just a little, a little afraid she will anhiliate Biden in a showdown. We’ve got our ticket in order, now it’s time to win an election and put Obama out of the public eye for a few more years.

  2. Given the state of the economy in Michigan, Ohio, and PA – the swing states needed to win – I don’t think anyone on the left is afraid of the “pit bull.” I am afraid that I’ll have to hear her voice again.

    Regarding speculative journalism – I guess something newsworthy came out of assuming trig was bristol’s kid since the water breaking story didn’t make any sense at all because the palin’s would have to be insane to take the route they did to the hospital after her water broke and nobody pulls their daughter out of school for 4-5 months with “mono.” I can’t get over them draping a blanket over pregnant bristol and plopping a baby in her arms as a cover-up in Dayton. Class act.

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