Obnoxious rnc Buzz Words/Phrases

After painfully watching the rnc last night, there’s no way I can tune in again tonight other than to see if palin’s speech is regarding her dropping from the ticket.

Reason?  As absolutely 100% scripted and premeditated by the gop, the following buzz words/phrases were said VERBATIM by nearly EVERY delegate interviewed on the floor.  When pressed for a statement outside of the canned responses below, the delegates looked confused/offended.

1) “sarah palin has far more political experience than Obama.” Really?  Ha!

2) “sarah palin has executive experience on a political level.” Nice one.  Do they really want to make the “executive experience on the political level” case seeing that mccain has “none” either?

3) “sarah palin has used the line-item veto/veto pen.” Straight up – the consensus of Americans think that Alaska doesn’t count and should be sold off to Canada.  I’m confident Obama can use the “veto pen” too seeing that dubya was able to figure out how “it” worked.

4) “sarah palin is pro life and the recent family pregnancies prove it.” No shiat.  If sarah and bristol were pro choice, we likely wouldn’t be talking about their recent pregnancies.  Legally speaking, abortion is a choice that a woman needs to individually make.  Go ahead an ban abortions but – since there will always be a demand – I’d rather them be performed in a doctor’s office than in an alley or staircase “accident.”

5) “john mccain and sarah palin are mavericks and her pick as running mate proves it.” All this pick does is confirm that mccain is crazy as a fcking fox, insane, and incompetent.  The same goes for palin for actually accepting the offer and subjecting her family to media vetting since the mccain camp didn’t vet her thoroughly themselves.

6) “john mccain is a hero and patriot.” Captain America is a hero and patriot.  john mccain is a politician.

7) “john mccain rather win a war than an election.  He will make sure we fight until we win.” We haven’t “won” shiat until bin laden’s head is on a platter AND our country has a budget surplus like the Clinton years.  Look at us – we’re grossly in debt and literally on the brink of collapse thanks to the last 8 years.  How is that “winning?”

6 thoughts on “Obnoxious rnc Buzz Words/Phrases

  1. Your liberal anger is certainly raging today my friend, although it has been entertaining viewing your posts. What exactly is the disconnect here? Seriously, you guys have an inexperienced, radical leftist #1 man with a #2 man who is a Washington insider. Then on the Republican side, there is a Washington insider with tons of experience as #1 and a #2 who has executive experience, and is a woman, who up until last Friday, would have been a good thing in the Democrats eyes, but the double standard applies here, right?

    I realize you HATE the Republican party, but as a Conservative, I don’t like everything about the Republicans either. I will recognize that John McCain served his country self-lessly and is a patriot; do I agree with everything he says???…nope.

    On the other hand, I believe Obama is a radical leftist, but do I think he has malicious intent in his presidential run???…nope, I don’t think so. I think that he is a man who loves his family and in his own view, loves America, whatever version he might have in mind.

    Bottom line: your 7 points above, while entertaining, hold very little if any weight in a logical world, the world in which I live. You’re a smart guy and you get what is wrong with America: NATIONAL DEBT OUT OF CONTROL!!! and many, many other challenges.

    Be wary not to let your partisan views get in the way of your patriotism…George Washington warned of what we are experiencing right now during his farewell speech as he left office. I think this campaign is running out of control, fueled by a biased media. 2008 is the year that journalism died, and we all lose in the end.

  2. Unlike what bush and rudy say, I’m definitely not angry. I will admint, I’m about to puke at the gop’s canned responses after they didn’t vet a vp candidate thoroughly.

    How is a graduate from Harvard Law, community organizer in the ghetto, teacher of constitutional law at University of Chicago, 8 year state senator, and 4 year us senator inexperienced?

    I’m pretty sure you’ll have an issue finding any Washington insider that would label Biden as a good ole boy. I wonder if he’ll still take the Amtrak home every night?

    palin was NEVER a good option for the gop as I’ve mentioned several times on the blog. And, this was before she had to go through public vetting.

    Contrary to your assertion, I think media is about to explode into a new, more independent, and intensely investigative direction. This week is DIRECT evidence of what citizen journalists can uncover when a person running for public office isn’t vetted appropriately. You’ve gotta love freedom of speech!

    I agree – people shouldn’t let their partisan views get in the way. Democrats and republicans are equally as annoying and so far off the right track it’s sick. But, Obama isn’t your normal Democrat. I’m looking forward to prosperity again after the last 8 years once the Obama administration digs us out of the current hole.

  3. We agree that partisan bickering is why we’re where we’re at now…You’re right, Obama isn’t your normal democrat, and quite frankly, that’s what frightens me the most. He’s WAY too far left of the center for most Americans, but time will tell, and really it’s anybody’s guess.

    I have mixed feelings on Palin; I like her, I am interested in hearing what she has to say this evening, but that said, she’s got to be the nominee; McCain backing off would ensure defeat no matter if Jesus himself ran in her place.

    So, we’ve got these two canidates, that DO NOT represent the traditional qualities of both parties that I appreciate. Leftist Obama and Random Maverick McCain…I like to call him ‘Juan’ McCain due to his attempt to grant illegal criminals citizenship, what a croc!!!

    I don’t like either one, but I will contend that McCain is the lesser of the evils because he is more moderate as opposed to the Dem’s radical choice.

    40 years ago McCain would have been a democrat, and I believe it was about 7 years or so ago he almost became one! You don’t know how close you guys came to having a McCain/Lieberman Democratic ticket! But, he’s our moderate STILL…good or bad.

    Obama is not the answer; I’d vote for Biden before I would vote for Obama, at least I know that Biden will stay more towards the center, of course just about everyone is to the right of Senator Obama, except for Ted Turner or the Huffington wacko.

    Big Government IS NOT THE ANSWER to our current economic crisis…private enterprise is the answer. Leave it to the small businessman, the hard working blue collar folks, and the business visionaries of industry to dig us out…TAXATION will not aleviate this…and that is what Obama represents-BIG GOVERNMENT.

  4. The gop’s scare tactic historically is big government. They said Bill Clinton would tax the hell out of us and we’d be doom. You’d be hard pressed to find a single American and/or small business owner that economically wouldn’t want to revisit the 90s.

  5. You’re an economist…economies take approx 7 to 8 years to ‘turn’ and thus reveal decisions of yesterday, barring something catastrophic such as 9/11 or this global warming farce we’re experiencing…

    Time will tell…tick, tick, tick…

  6. The popular gop claim of “cyclical economics” resulting in the successful Clinton years is the biggest crock of shiat I’ve ever heard. Once the Obama administration digs us out of the whole and makes the US economy respectable again in 4+ years, I wonder if the gop will say that dubya laid the groundwork. Hahahhahahaha!

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