Does Biden = The New, More Liberal, Sane, etc. cheney?

As cheney did, Biden brings DC street smarts, experience, age, seemingly grave health issues, votes from a state some would consider meaningless, and baldness.

Thankfully, Biden doesn’t carry 2 DUIs, a shooting accident (while presumably drunk), and hasn’t been the sitting chairman and CEO of haliburton like cheney.

God, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Does Biden = The New, More Liberal, Sane, etc. cheney?

  1. Boy that pickpocket took more than your wallet. WTF have you got against guns and a couple of pops. You better go into hiding next time you visit Grass Lake. Uncle Archie is enrolled in CPL (concealed pistol license)class. Stop on by show you how to live in the jungle.

  2. Biden is the pick for the Dem’s…hmmmm, this should be interesting. So, let me get this straight: Obama is running on the “Change and Hope” premise, and continuing in that focus, he’s chosen a REAL Washington insider, which is contrary to his focus. Even Biden himself expressed concern for Barack’s readiness of being commander in chief. Biden is in love with the sound of his own voice, resulting in a truly entertaining ‘personality’ that Obama will have to assign handlers to every waking moment…introducing him as “Barack America” is only the beginning.

    I think that Obama screwed up with this selection; he allowed ego to overcome his better judgement and alienated 18 million voters in the process. I think you guys might have just lost the election; time will tell.

    I’m happy with Obama’s pick; it tips the scale in McCain’s favor, whether you and the liberal media realize it or not yet.

    Prepare yourself for a McCain presidency. 🙂

  3. fox and the mccain camp want the “Obama offended Hillary voters” storyline to play out.

    But, the selection of Biden, all but locks up Pennsylvania and a good enough majority of the Catholic vote. Biden’s job is to help win Pennsylvania and bash mccain – nothing more, nothing less.

    The women vote that Obama will lose from the primary was pro life and only voted for Hillary because she’s a woman. This pro life vote would have likely gone mccain’s way even if Obama selected HRC as a running mate.

    Biden may be a Washington insider – but, at least he wasn’t part of the Keating Five or any other high profile congressional scandal.

    It’s over. President Obama – I like how that sounds.

  4. President Obama…break out the pepto and your wallet! I am currently searching, as a backup plan for Obama’s possible win, an antacid that helps with increased taxes and socialism…haven’t found one yet.

    Obama is the wrong choice, and deep down the Left knows it. You feeling that buyer’s remorse yet? You will.

  5. Why the wallet? Because all the taxes he’s going to lay down on families making over $250,000 a year? As I’ve previously mentioned on the blog, if my family is eventually impacted by the Obama tax hike for families making over $250,000, then God Bless America!

    I can assure you that deep down the left does not know Obama is the wrong choice. We’re definitely not feeling buyer’s remorse. Rather, we’re undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming week.

    When and where is the gop convention this year? That’s right, nobody cares! hahahahaha. I can’t wait to see bush and cheney on a stage in Minneapolis trying to sell the gop brand after their last 8 brutal years in office.

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