5 thoughts on “Woops! I Wonder when This 2001 mccain Video Will Hit the Political Newswaves?

  1. John McCain: ” I think this is the strongest team in national security”…

    I hope this does come out, it underscores that John has GREAT judgement; how many terrorist attacks on the Contiental United States have we endured since 9/11? Answer: NONE!

    I appreciate all John mentioned in helping to keep America safe!

  2. I only wish they were strong enough to prevent 9/11 since – I think some people have forgotten – it happened on their clock.

    Regarding the next 9/11: tick, tick, tick. it’s worth noting, the “terrorists” have already done a ton of damage to us domestically over the last 7 years outside of airplanes into building.

  3. The national debt and trade deficit are the 2 ton ‘monkeys on our back’ as a result of our military engagements globally following 9/11…we agree on this. Clinton had the chance to take him out when he was President and didn’t…this group inherited this evil and has dealt with it as best any group of individuals could. I have often wondered how I would have reacted if I were in that circle charged with such an awesome responsiblity, and can’t imagine the burden.

    The clock I am fearful is ticking, however we are safe until at least after November 4. I’m pretty sure the terrorists don’t want McCain in office, so they’re not going to screw with that until after the election, in hopes that Obama will be elected. Terrorist don’t respond to diplomacy; it will be open season on America without any danger of retaliation…just my conservative opinion on an Obama Presidency…that phrase makes me a little sick to my stomach.

  4. You better get some pepto for your sick stomach over the next 8 years.

    Also, I’m pretty sure everybody in this fcked up situation (terrorists, oil companies, islamic states, the defense industry, etc) do want mccain in office. They’ve had a free ride for the last 7 years while everyone racks in the cash thanks to high oil prices and continuous conflicts.

  5. Maybe I should buy stock in Pepto’s parent company in case this happens…doubt I’ll be the only one needing this…

    Nope, I’m thinking positive: McCain will triumph over his inexperienced opponent. Just in case, note to self: go by Walgreen’s for antacids the end of October. 😦

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