Obama’s VP Pick = Senator Jack Reed?

Jack Reed’s a Catholic…


I’m going Kaine, Richardson, and HRC – in that order.  HRC, what?  I hate her as much as you do but she’s been closing hard as the veep stakes concludes.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s VP Pick = Senator Jack Reed?

  1. Jack Reed would be a good pick for your side, but I’m not so sure he would bring any ‘zeal’ to the Dem’s ticket…this year’s Democratic ticket headed by Obama, the Messiah Superstar, is one of incredible fanfare and histeria, but short on substance. Reed would be out of place. A loud-mouth like Biden or the uniting HRC would make more sense for where the Dem’s are headed this time around…just a thought though.

    I still think that Caroline Kennedy would excite the Lib Media so much, that we might see Chris Matthews actually cry uncontrollably at the announcement…that tingling feeling that he feels when he hears The Messiah talk might just over power him. 🙂

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