4 Sale – A Political Headline

So, the general election race is boring.  mccain makes some weird/ridiculous “we are all georgians” comment and won’t give it up.  Obama is touring Hawaii.  Bla, Bla, Bla.

All of this post primary build up for 1 convention but nothing is happening in the interim.  It’s time to make a story.  Per my email conversation below with an editor at a popular Chicago based political website, it’s pretty sick seeing the newest political spin unfold.

“It’s not that I have an issue with Pew’s results rather an issue with your article title since the description isn’t accurate.  I think you should have reported the percentage number of undecideds so the race doesn’t seem so “close.”  It’s pretty easy to add the 2 numbers, subtract from 100, and include that number as undecideds.  Moreover, you could have mentioned polls including 3rd party candidates show mccain continuously in the 30-40% support range – which, if the election was today, means he gets absolutely hammered.


But, that wouldn’t sell to the “mccain coming from behind” storyline that seemingly everyone is trying to build.  Unfortunately, Zogby polls going forward will include 3rd party candidates so there could be some polling legitimacy.

Check out my blog posting below regarding the “polls narrowing” farce that started about a week ago on CNN.com’s mainpage.  Anything to sell a headline/traffic/banner ad/etc…it’s a joke.


(Same email: Regarding a previous assertion that the race is over effective now…)

I’ll call the race now rather than wait a few months – Obama’s firm base support of 46+% isn’t going anywhere under ANY imaginable circumstance.  Moreover, Obama is sure to pick up a bounce of 5+% of that undecided vote before the general election after his VP is selected and mccain’s been forced to share the stage with him during a few debates.”

2 thoughts on “4 Sale – A Political Headline

  1. It’s August, polls don’t mean anything…relax and take a vacation. I took the family recently to Disney World, it was nice.

    Even the Messiah is on vacation.

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