Those Bastards at Ford Are Reading My Blog!

From last week – a few days before Ford posted an $8 billion loss…

“On Thursday, Ford will announce a plan to transform three North American truck plants to build small cars developed originally for European markets, according to people briefed on the company’s plans.

The plants will be retooled to make compact cars based on a common set of components that Ford now uses in Europe to produce several models. They include the Focus subcompact — which is a sportier version of the Focus Ford sells in the U.S. — as well as the Kuga crossover and the C-Max small wagon.”

As originally seen on here

“Judging by the cars you see on the highways, Italians/Europeans definitely think Ford first.  If not first, then second or third.  I see how Ford turned a profit in Q1.  Amazing – Ford should release their standard 4 door European car that I’ve been seeing everywhere in America.  It’s efficient but large enough for a family.  No, it’s not the ugly Ford focus we’re used to in the states…it actually looks decent.  Ford, this isn’t rocket science – you figured things out in Italy/Europe.  Now duplicate the business model of making decent/efficient cars in America.”

Even though a blogger on an overseas trip “announcing” things slightly faster than a company that should have seen this trend 5+ years ago is concerning, I obviously still think there is value in Ford stock as originally seen on here.  It was trading at $6.25 last week.  The buy is at least a 2-3 year investment and that’s considered long term for some traders.

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