2 thoughts on “The mccain Camp Definitely Won’t Like This Compilation Getting YouTube Exposure

  1. Move over Michael Moore, Jed Lewison is competing for the pinhead of the year award with this liberal media collection of sound-bites. There is nothing like Monday morning quarterbacks, is there? Apparently, Mr. Lewison could have done a better job as president???…Bush has done a great job in securing our country post 9/11.

    What a smear job, and seriously the overdramatic piano music is a nice touch, really tugs at my heart. McCain is a patriot, a patriot like my dad was, like my grandpa, and like his dad and so on was. McCain has the courage and the backbone to stand up and support what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. I believe that the far left hates Bush so much, coupled together with the Liberal Media that is, well frankly in the tank, IN LOVE with Obama, the “Change Messiah”, that they can’t bear the thought of not having Obama in office, so here comes the smearing of an American Patriot, a Hero.

    This video is good old fashioned bulls***!!!!!

    Actually, this is cyber bullying at its best…it’s like that computer geek that everyone picked on in school, this Jed Lewison. I can see him now, sitting in his grandmother’s basement in his pajamas with the feet in them, playing Dungeons and Dragons, arguing with one of his geek friends about Start Wars and Battlestar Gallactica, and putting together this collection of garbage to the melodramatic music…maybe that’s even grandma playing the piano for his Liberal Soundtrack.

    Unbelievable…Where I come from, here in the Midwest, Men are Men, like McCain. We don’t run and second guess our servicemen and bitch about a war that every American should get behind…Nope, we’ll leave that to the Bleeding Heart Liberals.

    Stop Obama in ’08

  2. I’m sure the Jed Report wanted to include full clips of mccain’s support and subsequent flip flop but it would have been 3 days long and everyone would have fallen asleep within the first 5 minutes of hearing the old man talk.

    The only thing bush did to secure our country was pull our bases from Saudia Arabia thus bending over and taking concessions from al qaeda. Great leadership…way to not waiver.


    mccain may be a hero – nobody cares – but he’s better suited running for the president of his retirement community.

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