No, the Post Isn’t a Cry for Help

A sad/interesting look at suicide locations on the golden gate bridge…

On that note, The Bridge is an “awesome” documentary. The following trailer (video volume seems to be low on my computer) includes nothing graphic though it doesn’t fully highlight how well done the movie is…

If you’d rather not buy The Bridge from the movie’s webpage, you can watch it on google video though nobody watches 1.5 hour movies with only sub par screen quality on their computer.

Lame and unnecessary disclaimer: If you have a problem, go visit a doctor/get some help. The movie doesn’t glamorize/romanticize suicide but it’s one of the better documentaries that I’ve seen in awhile.

2 thoughts on “No, the Post Isn’t a Cry for Help

  1. I’ve been dying to see this movie (no pun intended) since i heard about it like 2 years ago. I just think it’s got to be incredibly facinating.

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