Ahhh – Why Not a Good Laugh Today?

Assuming my emails over the last few months weren’t automatically deleted without being opened, the “Bcc: List” has seen these two clips. But, I figured they’d be worth revisiting again since it’s good to laugh really hard every once in awhile. That is, if your employer isn’t weird by blocking YouTube. WTF is the “corporate world” coming to?

The following is easily one of the funniest videos vs. number of views that I’ve seen in a long, long time. You may want to do yourself a favor and throw on a set of headphones or have the volume turned down a little bit. Though, the clip is probably safe enough for work if it’s on YouTube, right? Ha!

The following is a copy of a montage of “that’s what she said” clips from The Office that hit Digg awhile ago. As you probably know, once something hits Digg, the views on YouTube go completely out of control. Of course, the network realizes the spike of traffic and the original montage of clips was jerked off (that’s what she said!) by NBC…

3 thoughts on “Ahhh – Why Not a Good Laugh Today?

  1. okay, so my computer is an @#@ so I couldn’t post comments here. my mom is coming… that’s what she said… holy crap. i LOVE the office. the final episode this season was remarkable!

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