Thursday and Friday March Madness Tournament Schedule

So, you visit any given college sports related website to simply figure out when this week’s Thursday (3/15) and Friday (3/16) March Madness tournament games are scheduled to be played.

Instead, what you get is banner ads, auto-play videos, multiple pages to access the information you need, a ton of crap/text, etc. and your blood pressure rises.

Well, here’s all the info you need (it doesn’t look as good on a mobile device…thank you wordpress) including which network (CBS, TBS, TNT, or TRU) will be broadcasting each game…

Date Seed Team Seed Team Time (EDT)
3/15 6-W Murray St vs. 11-W Colorado St 12:15 CBS
3/15 8-E Kansas St vs. 9-E Southern Miss 12:40 TRU
3/15 4-W Louisville vs. 13-W Davidson 1:40 TBS
3/15 4-E Wisconsin vs. 13-E Montana 2:10 TNT
3/15 3-W Marquette vs. 14-W TBD 2:45 CBS
3/15 1-E Syracuse vs. 16-E UNC-Ashville 3:10 TRU
3/15 5-W New Mexico vs. 12-W Long Beach St 4:10 TBS
3/15 5-E Vanderbilt vs. 12-E Harvard 4:40 TNT
3/15 1-S Kentucky vs. 16-S TBD 6:50 TBS
3/15 5-S Wichita St vs. 12-S VCU 7:15 CBS
3/15 7-E Gonzaga vs. 10-E WVU 7:20 TNT
3/15 3-S Baylor vs. 14-S S Dakota St 7:27 TRU
3/15 8-S Iowa St vs. 9-S Uconn 9:20 TBS
3/15 4-S Indiana vs. 13-S NMSU 9:45 CBS
3/15 2-E OSU vs. 15-E Loyola 9:50 TNT
3/15 6-S UNLV vs. 11-S Colorado 9:57 TRU
3/16 6-E Cincinnati vs. 11-E Texas 12:15 CBS
3/16 6-MW San Diego St vs. 11-MW NC State 12:40 TRU
3/16 8-MW Creighton vs. 9-MW Alabama 1:40 TBS
3/16 7-W Florida vs. 10-W Virginia 2:10 TNT
3/16 3-E Florida St vs. 14-E St. Bonaventure 2:45 CBS
3/16 3-MW Georgetown vs. 14-MW Belmont 3:10 TRU
3/16 1-MW UNC vs. 16-MW TBD 4:10 TBS
3/16 2-W Missouri vs. 15-W Norfolk St 4:40 TNT
3/16 8-W Memphis vs. 9-W St. Louis 6:50 TBS
3/16 2-S Duke vs. 15-S Lehigh 7:15 CBS
3/16 4-MW Michigan vs. 13-MW Ohio 7:20 TNT
3/16 7-MW St. Mary’s vs. 10-MW Purdue 7:27 TRU
3/16 1-W Mich St vs. 16-W LIU-B 9:20 TBS
3/16 7-S Notre Dame vs. 10-S Xavier 9:45 CBS
3/16 5-MW Temple vs. 9-MW TBD 9:50 TNT
3/16 2-MW Kansas vs. 15-MW Detroit 9:57 TRU


ConQueso of the Red Cedar Message Board, thank you.

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