9 thoughts on “Facebook Poll: Does Barack Obama deserve a second term?

  1. I mean…it’s his opinion. Just like yours. Politics is a super huge, well infiltrated organization that has been around (in many formats) since humans began gathering as species to begin with. Hahaha, I have many opinions as far the way in which politics work and in general how everything is run which doesn’t need to be discussed here. However…his “cesspool” is probably no larger than yours. I say this, not out of spite and as least offensively possible. However, I do say this out of the fact that you try and diminish his value of character by implying he is some sort of degenerate. When people start doing that, it begins a slippery slope of intolerability. His opinion as crass as may be, shouldn’t devalue the man.

    • I highlighted that dude because he was craziest but I meant the entire chain when referencing a huge Internet cesspool.

      If his opinion – specifically – was based on any sort of fact or substance, I strongly agree with everything you said. It wasn’t.

      If I blogged back in the day that I wanted Bush to serve jail time because I made up a story that he neutered Arabs with his own teeth, you’d have a reason to challenge my sanity and/or intelligence.

  2. Sorry about that…I can’t believe that you have found out all of my ‘screen names’. 🙂 But the short and long answer is NO, He does not…

    Ryan THE Conservative

    • Hahahah!

      Per my reply to Aaron’s comment above, I (obviously) respect your answer of “No.” I’m confident that if you expanded upon your answer – not necessarily a “challenge” – I would at least respect your opinion and maybe even partially agree. Key word – partially. 🙂

      Starting to get more and more pumped for 2012/2013!!!

  3. I think Aaron has a point about the longevity of politics…it’s always been here, and it always will be. The fact that I believe Mr. Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had (even worse than Carter) doesn’t necessarily hold any weight, as it is weighted by my own beliefs/convictions/vision, therefore it does not apply to others. Quite simply, it applies to myself, and others who happen to have a perspective that coincides with my own. The brilliant part, the best part, is we live in a country where it’s ‘okay’ to join together on an intelligent source of discource if you will, like this site. The fact that we can come together, take jabs, make our points, and understand at the end of the day we would all meet at a ‘corner bar in Chicago’, and laugh and shake hands as Americans is pretty amazing. That’s why I continue to visit here, read, agree and provide dissent as appropriate, but keep the dialouge alive. That’s America; thank the good Lord above or whomever you thank for the right. At the end of the day, we must keep America strong and vibrant, ahead of the curve, and producing goods and services that make the American ‘dollar’ something that all envy and want. The current Administration is hurting this pursuit, and it goes beyond race, socioeconomics, and understanding, and if you showed me a democract in ’12 that could embody what America stands for, I’d vote for him/her. We will see what we’re presented with, like a show, we will spectate and deliberate, but the end result depends on us.

    Ryan THE Conservative

    • Dude, well effing said! Although, you definitely know I disagree with some of the political stuff mentioned – ha!

      Not sure why it took me so long to think of this, but, let me see if there’s a way for me to create an Author login for you (if you’d be interested) to post your points of view to bcclist.com. Thoughts?

      If you’re not interested – blogging gets SUPER time consuming/annoying after awhile even as a hobby – I definitely understand. I mean, 100% completely understand. Or, maybe create your own blog? But, since this one is already established, it would be perfect to have you jump on.

  4. Unequivocally no. It would mean the end of America as a shining beacon of liberty and freedom in this world. His change equals socialization of our economy and system of government.

  5. As we approach the ’12 race, President Obama stumps, Romney speaks, and Trump does publicity stunts. The true GOP front runner has not run ahead of ‘the pack’ as of yet. The strongest candidate, despite the polls, is Romney. There’s alot of time on the clock between now and election night ’12. It is imperative that those with knowledge of how American politics works, especially in reference to modern media, understand what is going on now and can responsibly follow/track the path to the White House in the upcoming election. Those who read this and don’t understand: expect the unexpected; those who do: watch carefully.

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