Scott Walker David Koch Buffalo Beast Prank Call

I finally realized who Scott Walker reminds me of – Michael Scott. And, it’s not just looks or name.

While those looking in from the outside wonder, “Seriously…are you kidding me?” – both are on a power trip, equally clueless/sloppy, and definitely in love with themselves and/or cause no matter how idiotic. The Reagan part of this prank call is a good example. There’s no way Walker really thinks the Soviets gave two cares about Reagan laying off Air Traffic Controllers, right?  Palin wouldn’t have even said this line, right?

Difference: Scott’s at least funny – Michael Scott that is. And, he’s not a real life person making very important decisions. Walker is thankfully screwed in 2012 (recall) or 2014 (re-election) bid.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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