What will be located next to the Ground Zero Mosque?

Good question. I’m not sure but would LOVE to help figure it out.

Soho Properties – the developer of the Islamic center – only owns 45-47 Park Place. But, they changed the name of the proposed site from Cordoba House to Park 51…playing off the street number 51 on Park Place in New York.

Major issue: Soho Properties doesn’t own 51 Park Place – Con Ed does. And, they don’t own 51parkplace.com or 51parkpl.com – I do.

So, my goal of building something as equally controversial to 50+% of Americans at 51 Park Place is simple – ha! All I need is a couple million dollars to outbid Soho Properties.

Note: I think freedom of speech/religion is the cornerstone of our country. Build a mosque within blocks of Ground Zero if you think that’s a smart idea. But, I’d love to see which insurance company is underwriting a policy for the proposed location…there are a lot of crazy a$$ Tim McVeigh wannabes ready and willing to rent a Ryder truck.

Update: Donald Trump offers to buy 51 Park Place – http://j.mp/bogSZD.  Mr. Trump, www.51parkplace.com is available too. It’s not going to be cheap though. Holler: thelist@bcclist.com.

2 thoughts on “What will be located next to the Ground Zero Mosque?

  1. Building an Islamic Trophy (mosque) at Ground Zero is absolutely, without a doubt, wrong. They can just as easily find another spot to do this in.

    My vote is President Obama’s “Presidential Library”/Socialist Headquarters if they end up building the mosque at ground zero, that way we can keep all the radicals together…he should have plenty of time to work on this in about two years when he’s NOT re-elected.


    • The constitution and I think they should be able to build a mosque – this is a community center – wherever they want. But, I assume some enraged American is going to blow up Park 51 shortly after it is opened to the public. It’s sad the developers are willing to put innocent lives at risk but to each their own.

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