My Email to Steve Jobs

As is noted here, Steve Jobs reads some of the email sent to him by Apple fans/haters and will occasionally respond.  After dropping a call from my living room – I normally have somewhat acceptable service in Michigan (unlike Chicago) – I finally had enough.  Here’s my email to Mr. Jobs…I could care less if he responds I just needed to vent.   Yes, most of my rant is stating the obvious…


Yeah, yeah – everybody wants the iPhone on Verizon…so what?


Here’s what…

As you’re aware, Google’s Android OS is gaining traction per Q1 2010 research reports (and 6 relatives/friends of mine recently buying Android phones) because people desire smartphones.  If people desire smartphones and somehow find value in AT&T, the choice is easy – buy an iPhone.  Apple owns this demographic.

Apple also owns the demographic that wants the coolest technology which exists…yes, I’m an iPhone user and love it but can’t stand AT&T specifically in Chicago, (edit), and anywhere remotely rural such as Battle Creek, MI.

But, Apple’s reach is limited with your average run-of-the-mill consumer that wants a smartphone but has been turned off by AT&T.  This demographic is untapped by Apple and way larger than the aforementioned demographics combined. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the “outrage” people have expressed towards AT&T.

So, want to grow Apple’s iPhone platform?  I don’t care how cool the next iPhone is, it simply can’t be done effectively via AT&T – that I guarantee you. Apple is going to have to open up the iPhone to other carriers or face permanently ranking 3rd behind RIM (slowly but surely fading) and Android.

P.S. Here’s the upcoming decision I’m seriously pondering – drop AT&T/iPhone and pay the early termination fee (recently renewed/upgraded but I can’t take AT&T’s service anymore), buy a new Android phone on Sprint/Verizon (though I despise Android), and purchase an iPad 3G.  Total cost = over $1,000 to have a decent phone and Apple technology – WTF? Yes, though I’ll still be somewhat reliant on AT&T for mobile internet connection, at least I won’t be dumping $100+ a month for horrible, horrible service.

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