Review: Burger King (BK) Fire Grilled Ribs

I’m a foodie.  I’m a blogger.  I don’t blog about fast food.  I’ll make this short.

Going back to my first job out of college when we actually called the local McDonald’s to confirm their McRib actually included pork – former coworker/buddy is Muslim – I’ve been obsessed with all things fast food rib related.  So, it was only natural that I document my “experience” with BK’s new Fire Grilled Ribs.


No, I’d never order something off a fast food menu by it’s full name but figured it was worth correcting myself since I was recording me ordering ACTUAL ribs from a fast food restaurant for god’s sake.  Yada, yada, yada – point is, it’s pretty tough saying “BK Fire Grilled Ribs” instead of just “ribs.”


The “combo” comes with a drink. Worst combo ever.  The cost was $4.23 and all that was received was 3 ribs and a medium coke.  3 ribs aren’t enough to fill my 6 year old niece and/or nephew.

Taste and Review:

The ribs tasted…wait for it…great!  Seriously, even without dipping them into the sauce – which I recommend – I’m a huge fan.  Will I ever order them again?  Absolutely not!  Why?

1) Ribs should never be consumed fast in a seedy restaurant. That’s like mixing oil with water.  It’s like praying to god in a gross airplane bathroom instead of at St. Patrick’s cathedral.  I could make up more analogies that make me chuckle and confuse everybody else…but, I digress.

2) Cost.  It’s not that I mind spending money on ribs, but, I mind spending more than $8 at a fast food restaurant for a main food item (ribs, burger, chicken, etc.), fries, and a drink.


Go get your order of BK Fire Grilled Ribs today…after you refi your house.

2 thoughts on “Review: Burger King (BK) Fire Grilled Ribs

  1. I can’t believe how big a ripoff these ribs are. I ordered the 6 pc for $5.69 and got a nearly empty ‘BK Shots’ box. The commercial mentioned sauce. Is it supposed to be on the ribs or separate? There was no trace of sauce anywhere, and they really could have used some sauce. The ribs were tiny (and mostly flavorless)- 2″ to 2 3/8″ long. This isn’t just a bad deal. This is purposely taking advantage of the good faith of BK’s customers. I can’t believe BK would knowingly alienate their customers this way. If I hadn’t gotten them to go or if BK was reasonably nearby, I would have returned them. As my wife put it, “I think this is the worst we’ve ever been ripped-off.” BK has lost at least these two customers for life.

    • Sauce should have come free – see pics in the posting.

      But, I agree – the Burger King ribs were expensive for the amount of food received. I assume this is because pork ribs aren’t cheap to buy wholesale even for a fast food conglomerate.

      Bad planning by BK – leave such an “expensive” item off the menu or people will think they are getting ripped off.

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