Amir Khan vs. Paulie Malignaggi‎ Preview and Prediction

Note: I haven’t read any other previews.  Here is the beginning of their weak a$$ fight during the weigh in.  Watch part 2 here to see a little more of two tiny men pushing each other around.


Amir Khan has a glass jaw as seen here.  Has Freddie Roach taught him to keep his hands up?  It doesn’t matter, Paulie Malignaggi couldn’t knock out a flea.

But, Paulie has fought 2 of the best fighters boxing has to offer – Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto – down to the wire.  He went 12 rounds with Cotto and the last 2 of those rounds with a BROKEN JAW as seen here.  The decision wasn’t in Paulie’s favor, but, he’s got the heart of a champion and doesn’t know when to quit.  Speaking of quitting, I’m not sure Paulie could have beaten Hatton had his corner not called the fight as seen here.  Though Malignaggi‎’s punches in round 10 were meaningless, I don’t know how your corner can throw in the towel when you’re dancing circles around your competetor.


Amir Khan isn’t nearly as good as Cotto or Hatton.  Paulie can’t knock anyone out.  Khan has a glass jaw but is trained by Freddie Roach. Paulie Malignaggi has 3 losses and a 4th retires him – I’m not sure he’s ready to hang them up yet.


Paulie Malignaggi wins by unanimous decision after a fight that goes 12 rounds.

How does the above compare to what other mainstream boxing sites are saying?

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