Opening Day 2010 at Fenway – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees: 5-year old Joshua Sacco “Miracle” Speech

Along with a Neil Diamond performance, the Red Sox pulled out all the stops last night with Joshua Sacco – a 5 year old – nailing Herb Brooks’ “Miracle” speech.

This kid almost makes me somehow like the Boston Red Sox…for a night.

Angela, thank you.

9 thoughts on “Opening Day 2010 at Fenway – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees: 5-year old Joshua Sacco “Miracle” Speech

  1. I was very disappointed that they put a 5year old in front of millions to say something like “screw them” this was extremely out of line and just plain wrong!

    • a) the kid is going to get a ton of tail because of last night when he gets older so don’t feel too bad. b) if you’re offended by the vulgarity, you haven’t seen shows like 2 and a Half Man…or, any other sitcom/movie featuring a chauvinist pig and a kid.

  2. I have seen those shows and that’s fine normally I wouldn’t watch those shows with my two sons, one which is 4 and the other 10 however I do watch the baseball games with them. They were more offended than me but I just think if you are going to have some one say it have a grown man up there!

  3. juan relax guy its funny who cares he said screw them. we can say ass bitch douche and suck on tv.. but it wrong for screw them, i would rather havemy kids hear screw then them see a baseball player throw a helmet at the pitcher for throwing th ball to close. they learn more from actions not words.

  4. Great video. I agree it’s not ok for kids to curse but the speech wouldn’t make sense if it was edited and it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t delivered by this cute Herb Brooks look-alike. As the JumboTron says, he’s delivering the 1980 Olympics “Miracle Speech” which inspired the defeat of the “invincible” Soviet hockey team by a bunch of US college kids. Guess it still works-Sox beat Yankees 9-7.

  5. Since when is “screw them” vulgarity? Seriously? Please tell me you’re just one of those people who feels the need to find SOMETHING to complain about or disagree with in every little event or video. Because If not, you seriously need to relax and get off your high horse. Our country sucks anymore, thanks to everyone getting offended by the stupidest, littlest things.

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