Healthcare Reform: What the Obama Administrtion Hasn’t Effectively Explained Yet

The Obama administration loves taking their time…chilling…as the right takes political jab after jab after jab. Is the administration unknowing that these tactics – as disgusting as they are – work really well? Yup…

So, here’s what the administration has still not addressed effectively. Hopefully they’ll get these points across in the upcoming healthcare reform tour but it doesn’t matter…the right has already convinced the sheep the bill is evil.

Healthcare Reform Clarifications:

  • If you like your current insurance plan, you keep it.
  • The bill is deficit neutral. While it costs money, it saves money.
  • These outstanding 9 reforms/benefits go into place immediately…not in 2014.
  • Your taxes only go up if you make over $200,000. If that’s the case, nobody feels too bad for you since you had your way for 8 years under bush.
  • This isn’t a government takeover of healthcare. 30-40 million people not insured by medicare, medicaid, or an employee plan can now BUY into a PRIVATE plan… on a healthcare exchange.
  • Everybody is required to have insurance – smart idea…see bullet point 2 – so that the insured don’t have to pay for the uninsured when they need medical services.

Stay tuned…I’ll undoubtedly be adding to this list as the talking points continue to get spewed by the right and the administration does nothing to discredit their garbage.

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