SCREENSHOT: Fake MSNBC Twitter Account Hacked – @MSNBCHeadlines

OMG – I almost forgot what it was like to post to

Anyways, a MSNBC Twitter account (@MSNBCHeadlines) was hacked earlier this afternoon around 4:45 pm EST.  If only the hacker didn’t have a lame sense of humor…hack unfortunately wasted!  Over/Under on when things get suspended/restored?  I’m saying by no later than 5:45 pm EST.

Click thumbnail (a few times) for larger screenshot…


Update: 5:36 pm EST and the account has been suspended.

Update 2: Though all the postings before the hack were MSNBC related, it’s being said the account wasn’t an official MSNBC account.  Regardless, something got hacked and the hackers had the lamest sense of humor EVER.

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