Remembering 9/11/01 – Are We Safe Now?

Everybody remembers where they were when the news broke on 9/11.  Let me unnecessarily share my story…

I was parking my car (illegally) on MSU’s campus since I was running late – as usual – for my 9:10 am TE 402 class.  As I was throwing my 1999 F-150 in park (I know, weird car for a college senior), I was listening to the radio for the strangest reason ever since nobody listened (or listens) to the radio.  Regardless, I heard that a small airplane hit the World Trade Center.  Without being said, I thought to myself WTF/is this real life?

Upon entering my class out of breath due to the unhealthy 300 lbs I was lugging around at the time, I asked if anyone else heard that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.  I was literally booed since I was the “sarcastic guy” that everyone hated…except for the 2 other guys in our class.  Within 30 minutes, news hit campus that hijacked passengers planes were littering US landmarks.  I felt overly redeemed (sad/true) but also relieved that I wasn’t imagining things or going crazy.

Some of us shuffled into a 2nd floor classroom in Erickson Hall – the only room with a TV.  I missed all the New York drama but was watching the Pentagon billowing smoke.  A professor left the classroom in disbelief while shouting, “Our government knew of this – it was way too elaborate of an attack for us not to know about it.”  So, while everybody was trying to figure out what was going on, an educated man nailed it less than an hour since the 1st plane hit the World Trade Center.  I can still remember his face to this day.  Unbelievably surreal…

Even though the events of 9/11 have been whored out by publishers, movie studios, etc. – nobody of our generation will forget the impact of 9/11.  Not only did it bring together the country for a few months, but, it started a costly war that nearly bankrupt our country, sacrificed the lives of 4,000+ American troops,  and murdered around 100,000 Iraqis.

But, are we safe now?  One of many reasons for the 9/11 attacks was that the US military had bases on the most holiest of Islamic lands – Saudi Arabia.  A condition  laid out by Osama bin Laden for no further attacks on US soil was the removal of US bases in Saudi Arabia.  On April 29th 2003, Donald Rumsfeld strangely announced that we removed said bases that were key to the war we were fighting in Iraq. In other words, we negotiated with the enemy.

I guess time will tell if we’re safe – although other countries continue to get terrorized – but, I wish the American MSM would have picked up on the story of the United States of America negotiating with the enemy.   Instead, the story got buried and now the MSM continues to air interviews with Cheney’s fcked up proclamations that the President of the United States is making our country less safe.

God bless those that died and may we somehow continue to offer some sort of solace to the families of victims of that horrible and unforgettable day in American history.

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