DeWayne Wise Catch Saves Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game – Video and Screenshots

UPDATE: Video of DeWayne Wise’s catch that saved Mark Buehrle’s perfect game is below.

In due time, there will be videos online of the best catch I’ve ever seen given the circumstances.

In the interim, here are 3 low resolution screenshots from my slingbox.

wise 1

wise 2

wise 3

P.S.  If our building didn’t require that we have DSL at work, these would be a lot clearer.  I love the slingbox!

Video from a fan at the game!

5 thoughts on “DeWayne Wise Catch Saves Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game – Video and Screenshots

  1. omg it started roll out of his glove. amazing game and that catch puts the exclamation! on it. Always knew buehrle was a special pitcher.

  2. The butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker. What a fantastic catch and of course some KICK ASH pitching.

  3. If that catch were in a movie we would never believe it.

    Oh wait, it was in a movie (For Love of the Game) and we didn’t believe it.

    Awesome grab.

    Someone is getting a really, REALLY nice gift from Mr Buehrle.

    • regarding movie: very good point!

      regarding gift: I think DeWayne Wise just extended his MLB career by a few years so perhaps that’s a gift enough. “we signed that one guy that went over the fence to save that perfect game a few years ago.”

  4. Took me a while to find a clear video shot of this with slo-mo – thanks! BUT the stupid TV producers threw up the logo the moment before Wise barehands the ball to seal the catch! That’s the coolest part of the play!

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