The GOP Continues to Make Mistakes


So, the GOP is attacking Obama on the jobs number as seen here and here – which, nobody expected to improve in June.  But, it looks like the bleeding has stopped at 9.5%.   We’ll see – maybe it climbs slightly higher next month.

Regardless, some jobs from the recovery act have been created and many more to come over the next few months – as seen in the following blog posting…

Moreover, the $787 billion from the recovery act is just starting to “trickle-down”…

So, as I mentioned back in February, the GOP needs to start rallying behind the President or be completely stuck out in the cold when the tide turns.  Should the tide not turn, we’ll be taking a hard look at the damage done 2000-2008.

All of this said, the GOP literally has one of two options – support the agenda and come up with some sort of new ideas on the future of America OR look like fools and destroy their party more.  They are falling right into the administration’s and democratic party’s trap.

Side Note: If you watched Meet the Press last week, you saw Romney and Graham (sort of) support the stimulus plan/recovery act.  Those two have (sort of) moved in the right direction.

10 thoughts on “The GOP Continues to Make Mistakes

  1. I thought so many of these projects were shovel ready, maybe we should have taken some more time and looked into rather then just pass it without reading it.

    Also, isn’t it possible that the job market might preform better over time and it has nothing to do with this waste of a stimulus package.

    Also, enjoy how you call this a bush economy still, when is it going to officially change, as soon as it starts doing better and he wants the credit?

    • – yes, hence jobs have already been created and/or saved.

      – no

      – you’re right, it’s his economy until it gets fixed. and, we’re on the way to fixing his mess. ok, if we’re still in a recession in 2012 (by then we’ll label it a depression), I’ll wonder if the current administration made all the right moves when they FINALLY got in office.

  2. Let’s see now, Obamanation says unemployment will not exceed 8.0% if the $.8 trillion (that’s with a T, not a B) is approved, it’s now at 9.5% with 467,000 jobs lost last month alone and you’re telling us the bleeding has stopped? That figure is very near the record jobs loss figure set in December, so how is the bleeding stopping?
    What planet do you happen to live on anyway?
    The only “trickle-down” I’m seeing is the zero trickle down of jobs to the working class in this country and billions being given to the banking industry. Your friend Nancy is living in a dream world if she thinks there are 1900 “highway” projects going out there already. Maybe someday she will join us in the unemployment line and find out just how few, if any, jobs are “trickling down”.
    As for this being Bush’s economy, was it Clinton’s economy when he left office and Bush got blamed again by you Democraps for the state of the economy in 2001?
    Ah yes, spoken like a true Democrap. It’s NEVER the Democraps fault, it’s always the Republicans. You guys are nothing but a bunch of finger pointing, do-nothing-to-help, spend swifts (as long as it’s not YOUR tax money, cause you Democraps don’t pay taxes anyway).
    Your health care plan is going to conservatively cost $600 billion over the next 10 years… so what are you going to cut to pay for this? Nothing! You’re just going to run a bigger deficit (already at $2 trillion for this year alone, and you think the Bush deficits were huge).
    Again, what fiscal planet did you and your Democrap buddies get off of?


    13 billion on high speed rail a waste, never?

    Also, I have to agree with the guy above, the tech bubble was created under clinton but that was on bush according to you, so by now obama has to start taking some blame, this wasted money has done nothing, also I would probably guess that the earnings workers took home dropped on top of unemployment dropping, haven’t really looked for those numbers though.

  4. What’s at issue here is not ROI, its economic recovery. Spending us into oblivion will not only exacerbate the problem it will eventually cause the demise of any society (witness the rapid decline of the USSR).
    We are going to be the next USSR if we do not stop the spending without providing funding in return.
    I believe it is the democrat’s mind set to just “get the programs going” and worry about funding them later, no matter what it does to the national welfare (security).
    If the Soviet Union taught us anything, it should be that there is a limit to the spending ANY country can do.
    And finally, government spending to “steer” economic growth is to be like adding icing on a cake, it should be drizzled on, not the main ingredient of the cake.

    • Ignore that the last administration did absolutely nothing – literally – to advance our country.

      A return on investment (ROI) provides for an economic recovery. The government bailed the banks out (FYI bush was 100% against this idea until he was literally forced to do it) and now the banks are repaying those loans in full plus interest.

      Seems like the banking bailout – providing a ROI – was a smart idea. Thank god bush was a lame duck president and was forced to act.

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