Reason(s) I Love – Bing Cashback (and I guess Bing Mobile)

This blog posting only took 2-3 days to put together – awesome.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been weird about my love affair of Bing Shopping – specifically, Bing Cashback. as a search engine is ok. It could be perfect. As is, it’s general search is obnoxious but almost a Google “Killer.” There are 2 things that is currently good for…

1) The mobile interface (image) on an iPhone is acceptable.

2) More importantly, Bing Shopping is amazing.

To use Bing Shopping, go to and click Shopping on the left hand panel – or, use the Bing Shopping link above. I know, I know – the layout of Bing Shopping is a little stupid.

Regardless, the following is 1 of my 4 success stories of shopping via Bing and receiving Bing Cashback…

I went to the North Face store on Michigan Ave to have my winter coat shipped off for repair. While in the store, I found a shirt I liked – The North Face Airborne. I bought one for $30 plus $3.08 taxes – total $33.08. I – of course – immediately went home and searched Bing Shopping for North Face Airborne and sorted by only those stores that use Bing Cashback – left hand side of the search results. Here are the results for the North Face Airborne shirt.

There are several places offering Bing Cashback for the North Face Airborne shirt as seen here. Even though not the cheapest after Bing Casback discount, I decided to buy from because they offered the best selection of colors/sizes. Moreover, offers free shipping on orders over $50 and no sales tax.

So, I ended up paying $26.27 per shirt after Bing Cashback – saving $6.81 if I purchased the shirts on Michigan Ave. The savings for these shirts isn’t a lot – $6.81 per shirt X 3 shirts = $20.43. But, any amount of money adds up – like the $25+~ish I saved buying a new pair of New Balance 993s (black) through using Bing Shopping with Bing Cashback.

My point – Bing Mobile and Bing Shopping with Bing Cashback has a chance to “kill” Google. Now, Microsoft’s objective should make the regular search not so obnoxious/cluttered/weird looking.

Click on the image below a few times to see the Bing Cashback email – easily my favorite non work related email received lately – for the aforementioned shirts…

favorite email

P.S. Maybe there’s another website out there that offers 10+% off when you purchase shiat from other legit online stores. If I’m missing the boat, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Reason(s) I Love – Bing Cashback (and I guess Bing Mobile)

  1. I love and their commercials. I’m actually hate google and their search results. I’m one of the only sellers of a radiation free cellphone headset and when you search that term on Google, you get a bunch of unrelated irrelevant companies that pay more than I do for PPC adwords and they don’t even have the product. Google does not care, they get dumb dumbs clicking on ads costing sellers money. Sellers beware, STOP OVER BIDDING on phrases you don’t have product for, PLEASE. Help support the family owned and operated smaller companies like mine.

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