Pizza Delivery in a Mercedes Benz

Times are either extraordinarily good for the pizza delivery business or really bad for bankers willing to sling pie.  The comfort and reliability of a Benz for all your needs – business or pleasure. I love it.


Anne, thank you.

Side note: This is what I used to deliver pizzas in…



2 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery in a Mercedes Benz

  1. The old days of Ollie’s! Push button trans and all. Didn’t we get pulled over in that thing going to Busch’s one night? Awfulley expensive free doughnut holes and coffee!

  2. Ha – I can’t remember being pulled over but it likely happened.

    I do remember being at the corner of sharon hollow and michigan ave and trying to push a pumpkin trailer around the middle of a field. Not smart – a heavy wooden trailer always dents metal. D’oh!

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