Joe Biden Warns Against Going Anywhere in Confined Places: NBC Today Show

The swine flu outbreak is making Joe a little crazier than he already is.

Specifically, I think I just heard Vice President Joe Biden said HE wouldn’t travel on airplanes or subways. And, at the end of the comment, I think he mentioned something about avoiding closed classrooms.  Video to come. WTF?

I love you Joe. But, you’re not a Senator from Delaware anymore. Stay on course, buddy!

Update 1: 2:36 mark…

Update 2: The Vice President’s office says he was talking about travel, confined places, etc. in Mexico.  Clarity is next to godliness.  Can we keep Biden off the Today Show until 2013?

Update 3: Just watched the clip again.  I wonder when the chatter will begin regarding Hillary Clinton (or equivalent but she makes the most sense) and Joe Biden swapping roles for the 2012 election.

3 thoughts on “Joe Biden Warns Against Going Anywhere in Confined Places: NBC Today Show

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw this on “Today” this morning. You know Obama is wondering who the hell decided to interview him. I see a trip “overseas” away from the press in Joe’s very near future…on a boat of course 😉

  2. Maybe Oliver Stone could do the Joe Biden story. Are most people making drastic changes in your lives? Cancelling vacations this summer? You can weigh in on the debate at educlaytion to see if most people are frightened or not.

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