PREVIEW: 2009 NFL Draft – Day 2

I’ve intently tuned into the NFL Draft for way too many years.  Maybe like 10 years.  I’m not joking.  And, I’ll usually watch both days.  Over the last 10 years, I’ve never seen a less anticipated Day 1 and there’s definitely not been a weaker #1 draft pick than Matt Stafford.  Well, maybe Courtney Brown was as lame as Stafford.  Anywho – what does this mean?

Day 2 is overly important.  There’s UNDOUBTEDLY some talent left in the 3 interesting to scout for positions – RB, QB, and WR.  In no particular order, here’s who I like in each position.

Running Backs

1) Cedric Peerman

2) Rashad Jennings

3) Ian Johnson

4) Javon Ringer

5) Andre Brown

Shonn Greene is ranked sort of high.   He’ll end up being a better back than Andre Brown.  But, there’s something about Greene that is unsettling and it’s not that his first/last name are spelled weird or that he’s leaving a decent Iowa team early – ha. So, the above (and below) aren’t the best players in each position – but, rather, players I think should earn some extra consideration.


1) Stephen McGee

2) Rhett Bomar

3) Cullen Harper

Wide Receivers

1) Ramses Barden

2) Austin Collie

3) Demetrius Byrd

4) Aaron Kelly

5) Mike Wallace

2 thoughts on “PREVIEW: 2009 NFL Draft – Day 2

  1. Wow what an amazing come from behind win by the Birds thanks to Vick yesterday! Certainly never experienced anything at all like it

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