jim demint – Buyer’s Remorse Comment

Ha – this is great….


jim, seriously, are you crazy?  Ah, why did I ask – the answer is overly apparent.  It’s going to take awhile (if even possible) to clean up the gop.  Here’s another failed attempt…

“After Obama led this emotional swoon across the country during his election, where thousands came out for hope and change, which I think many believe — they have a little buyer’s remorse. The swoon is over and more and more people are taking to their feet and they’re speaking out.

“They don’t want to see America go in the direction of socialized Europe. More and more Americans are concerned that this new administration is intent on socializing a larger and larger area of our economy. And I’m concerned that the Obama administration and anyone in it would say that speaking out, taking advantage of our freedom of speech, is a bad thing.”

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