5 thoughts on “home-1

  1. i feel so bad for megan mcallister. what a ton of bricks to have dumped on you. this guy is a piece of work. he ruined so many people in both families, plus the poor girl he killed. im sure reality has set in, with his suicide smock on in boston jail. long way away from this nice wedding website thats for sure

    • I guess having complete public websites devoted to your wedding is an acceptable practice these days? I find this kind of online behavior incredibly narcissistic. They have included a quiz about themselves. This online generation is all about “me me me!” and this website is a perfect example.

      After seeing these pages, it doesn’t surprise me that Ms McCallister was standing behind “her man”. He’s a sociopath/psychopath, and she’s a narcissist. So much so that she could deny hard evidence to support her delusional perspective on the world… one that revolves around her.

      • That just goes to show u have never been married its her wedding with the love of her life… ex. At a wedding shower there is a game u play “how well do you know the bride” is that narcissistic?? I don’t think so she was young and in love she is not the criminal here or a psychopath quick question though if she is so crazy how come she’s a doctor now what do you do??

  2. Come on, give the girl a break…it’s not like she KNEW this was coming. A lot of people of post their engagement photos and upcoming weddings online these days. Have you heard of Facebook, Yahoo Photo Albums, Iphoto, etc., and families that might not live in the same town as you and want to keep updated? She didn’t do anything wrong, HE did. It’s not narcissistic on her part, it’s evil on his.

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