Why Didn’t Coach Izzo Call More Than 1 Timeout During 1st Half of NCAA Championship Game?

Izzo only called one timeout during the first half of tonight’s NCAA championship game vs. UNC. The timeout was called with 6:45 left. By then, the damage was done. Why wasn’t a timeout called during the first 10 minutes of the first half to kill some of UNC’s momentum and try to calm down his young team? TV timeouts don’t count – there needed to be a “disciplinary” timeout EARLY!

I’m almost positive this question will be asked. Press Conference now on ESPN News. Tune in!

[Update: The question wasn’t asked. The press blows. Izzo sort of tried to put out the fire by saying he called a timeout. Yeah, he did. With 6:45 to go in the 1st half (see above) and the Spartans down 20-43. ]

Screenshot from my twitter page during the game…


11 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Coach Izzo Call More Than 1 Timeout During 1st Half of NCAA Championship Game?

  1. Question wasn’t asked for a reason and there is no “fire” for Izzo to put out. UNC made everything they put up in their halfcourt sets the entire first half. State wasn’t playing bad defense, UNC was just playing their best. TOs would have had absolutely no impact and to blame the loss on this is nonsense.

  2. At worst, a called timeout does no harm. At best, it allows State to regroup and/or maybe UNC cools off. Last night wasn’t the middle of the Big 10 season when you want your team to learn from their mistakes and play better next game. It’s the national championship game. Do anything necessary.

    Name an outcome that could have been worse than the following:

    7 point game expands to a 13 point game in between the under 16 and under 12 minute TV timeouts.

    That 13 point lead balloons into a 23 point – yes, 23 point – UNC lead before Izzo finally calls a timeout at the 6:45 mark.

    Bummer – the game was over with 10 minutes to go in the first half. Would it have still been over if Izzo called at timeout or two? Maybe. But, bottom line, there’s no reason to conserve timeouts in a national championship game when you’re getting blown the fck out.

  3. Shawn, State wasn’t playing bad defense…it was the turnovers!!!!! when you have multiple turnovers you call a timeout, standard high school call.
    UNC was playing there best, state no where near, timeout regroup.
    TO’s have no impact??
    I’m not saying they were the answer, but 1.they had to slow the game down
    2.TO’s do that

    so any other way would of helped too, like magic said…hammer the inside

    wrong strategy, wrong game
    unc too fast and too strong

  4. You’re just approaching this entirely wrong. He didn’t “conserve” timeouts. He didn’t try to do it as some kind of learning tool. He didn’t call them because he didn’t think it would be effective to do so. The truth is, and this is plainly obvious, that UNC was on fire and are much, much better than us. There are never enough timeouts to call when they get on their runs like that.

    Just look at the coverage- you expected everyone to be up in arms about this TO thing, and for Izzo to have to explain himself to all the reporters, and so on. Is anybody talking about it this morning?

    Frankly, your idea about timeouts is not that objectionable. Reasonable people can disagree on that. What is objectionable is claiming that Izzo “shit the bed”. Over the use of time outs?!? Come on. It’s just a totally ridiculous thing to say.

  5. Everyone – even Izzo – makes mistakes.

    Sure, UNC was much better. But, State “won” the last 30 minutes of the game. It would have been nice to keep close during the first 10 minutes.

    I can’t imagine the result of at least one timeout called between the 12 and 17 minute mark being worse than the actual result.

    P.S. If you watch the press conference, the reporters were on the verge of asking, “So, if you could do it again, how would you slow UNC down?” Before they could mention using a timeout, Izzo said he’ll rewatch the game tape and see if there’s anything different that he would do. He followed that statement up with, “bla, bla, bla – I waited until 6:45 to call a timeout.” None of the reporters pressed.

  6. Go usa-

    I didn’t say that we were playing bad D. Read the comment again. I also didn’t say that TOs have no impact generally. I said that in this case, it would not have made an impact on the game.

    As noted, my objection is to saying Izzo shit the bed, or was intentionally hurting the team in an effort to conserve TOs or otherwise teach them a lesson.

  7. If my memory isn’t failing me – part of Izzo’s bla, bla, bla response (see comment 5) during the press conference – was about holding onto timeouts.

    Was Izzo hording timeouts? No? Yes? I don’t care – use them when the game gets out of control.

  8. Alright, I have to get to work now, but it’s really odd to pretend we won the last 30 minutes. That’s how blowouts often work- big lead, followed by coasting. You expected them to keep gunning and win by 40? No, they coasted, as all teams with 20 point leads at halftime do.

    Look at, say, our blowout of Minnesota in January. End of the first half- 42-16. End of game- 76-47. Did they play us even in the second half? Of course not.

  9. 1) UNC was on fire last night. No matter how good MSU had played they would have lost. granted it would have been a closer, more enjoyable game, but I don’t think there is any way MSU could have beat UNC last night with how great UNC was shooting, defending, and taking care of the ball.

    2) A TO would have maybe settled MSU down, but there is no way you can say it would have had an effect on how anyone was playing, on the score of the game, the outcome of the game, anything. Should Izzo have called a TO? Probably yes, but you can not say it would have effected the end result of the game, may have been closer, may have settled down the team, but MSU couldn’t shoot, a TO doesn’t magically get them on fire. With how well UNC was playing, I’m inclined to say a TO wouldn’t have effected anything. Maybe only 19 point lead at half instead of 21, but it’s ludicrous to think a TO would have changed the outcome of the game, TO’s don’t have THAT big of an impact. There is no way to blame this lose on not taking a TO. MSU had 21+ turnovers, shot under 30% for most if not all the first half. While UNC shot 60% for most if not all the first half and defensively took MSU out of their game. All the credit needs to go to UNC, they played great. MSU came out nervous and tight and UNC jumped them. No recovery after that, not even a TO.

    3) Izzo’s fault? Izzo’s bad game plan? I don’t think so. I don’t think Izzo’s game plan ever got going because UNC jumped them and played great defense. MSU wasn’t able to get into they’re game plan. Izzo could have clearly done some things differently, but UNC just over powered them out the gate. Hard to get into the game plan when you can’t hold onto the ball and you can’t stop the other team. Either way, the reason for the loss is MSU’s horrible shooting and turnovers, and UNC’s great shooting, great defense, and ball control.

  10. SM
    I know, I was agreeing with you…State wasn’t playing bad defense, you read it again. The turnovers were killing them is my point…that’s related to offense if you don’t know.

    You don’t know if a TO would have no impact…because it was never called early enough. My opinion and observation, it’s done ALL the time with those factors in the game.

    good luck next year

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