iPhone App Developer Bailout? – I Finally Understand the Other Side

I’ve adamantly been against printing money we don’t have.   This will never change.

But, I supported the Wall St. bailouts after learning how dire the situation has become.  I support the American automotive industry so I didn’t mind the auto bailout – possibly because I don’t want to see my home state in a straight up depression.  My bailout views  (sort of) changed upon reading something so insignificant as a blog posting regarding iPhone Apps.


So, iPhone App developers are concerned that they could go bankrupt if too many refunds are requested for the Apps they’ve created.  Why? Developers have to pay Apple back 100% of the App cost but they only receive 70% of the App’s original cost as a sales commission.  Here’s a pretty simple way for them to not go bankrupt – stop making sh!tty Apps!

Seriously, I’ve downloaded at least 20 paid Apps over the last month or so and 50% of them are straight up crap.  One of them was bad enough – with a blatantly false and misleading description – that I almost went through the process of requesting a refund from Apple.  I decided not to – the App was $1.99 – after the developer said he would personally cut me a check.  I thought that was weird but after reading the above blog posting, his personal refund makes sense now.

Regardless, let the sh!tty iPhone App developers go bankrupt.  If the American auto industry isn’t going to make cars that are desired, let them go bankrupt.  If Wall St decides to take on way too much risk by holding shady loans, let them go bankrupt.  Why? There have to be eager entrepreneurs willing to fill the shoes of bankrupted companies by making a better products and/or smarter decisions.

Note: I’m not agreeing with the other side.  I’d rather try to fix the mess their president caused.  But, I now see their point.  It’s weird that it took an article on iPhone Apps – of all things – to understand where they’re coming from.

1 thought on “iPhone App Developer Bailout? – I Finally Understand the Other Side

  1. Ok Nephew

    Lets cut the sheaat as you play to your audience.

    “Note: I’m not agreeing with the other side. I’d rather try to fix the mess their president caused. But, I now see their point”

    There are no heads that you can specifically pin it to. So lets grow up, mature and admit we all at fault. Though I do agree that some individuals (many) on both sides of the isle and philosophys can, should and have been named. Attempting to pin it to the last administration entirely is patently bogus load of bullshit.

    So surprise me some more continuing to educate yourself by ferreting out gems such as the IPhone article and bringing it to our attention.

    Just attempt to lapse off and starting to sound like a shrill Nancy Pelosi/Barney Frank in appealing to your audience. Can you believe that bitch engineered a vote contary to our constitution. Not very bright, but it sure played her constituency politically. Also interested on your take of Andrew Coumo implied threats with AIG names and address.

    Uncle Archie

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