BccList.com’s 2009 NCAA Tourney – Final 4 Picks

There’s nothing like March Madness!

Below are my Final 4 picks.  Tomorrow I’ll reveal my National Championship game pickThings really heat up (???) when I declare my National Champion on Thursday.

Good luck – you’ll need it if you heed to any of my tourney advice.  Ha!


5 thoughts on “BccList.com’s 2009 NCAA Tourney – Final 4 Picks

  1. I know you’re an MSU alumn, but there’s no way they’ll beat Louisville. Not to mention that UNC won’t go that far. I think they’ll be out before the final 4. Memphis is a team to watch. I picked them for the Final 4…not U-Conn; although, it was a tough call. Interested to see the rest of your bracket…

  2. If Memphis gets out of the first round – they should – they won’t get out of the second. They haven’t played a real team since Gonzaga. That’s a long time off. They’re 1-2 vs. teams ranked in the top 25 (when the games were played) – that’s not a good sign for the Tigers. UNC is the team to beat but do I have them as National Champs?!? Aside from the 2000 National Championship team, this is the best team that Izzo has had. Michigan State has been to plenty of Final 4s under Izzo with far less talented teams. Plus, the Midwest bracket is a cake walk outside of BC. Here’s to hoping USC can knock them off!

  3. You really think Memphis will lose to either California or Maryland? Come on! They may not go as far as I have them, but they’ll make it out of the 2nd round for sure. I really don’t think UNC is the “team to beat” but maybe that’s just b/c I don’t like them in general 🙂

  4. Outside of Duke, UNC is easily my least favorite team. But, they’re so damn good. Memphis lost all their good players from last year, they’ve played a cupcake schedule this year, looked crappy the 2 times I’ve seen them play this year, and are 1-2 vs. teams ranked in the top 25 (when the games were played). If they only beat a pretty sh!tty Tennessee team by 2 points, I don’t know how they can keep up with either Cal or Maryland. I guess we’ll see – can’t wait for the tourney to start!

    Side note: Could you imagine if everyone was this excited for a BCS football playoff system?!? That would be awesome – https://bcclist.com/2009/01/02/ncaa-football-playoff-system/

  5. I miss Memphis, and your post reminded me of a few reasons why I miss it. I’m planning a trip there in the spring of next year. I am looking forward to it.

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