“If Only iPhone OS 3.0 Had These Very Cool Things!” BRIAN LAM AT GIZMODO NEEDS TO JAILBREAK!


It seems that Brian Lam at Gizmodo awkwardly loves the Palm Pre.   Below are his iPhone wishes for the soon to be released OS 3.0.  I’ve noted those wishes that currently exist on a standard iPhone.  Moreover, I crossed out the wishes that could be resolved by jailbreaking an iPhone…



Multitasking gestures, like the Palm Pre


Background app running, like the Palm Pre


App store submission fees, or some way to limit app store spam, like Microsoft’s planned app store


MMS – I don’t care about this, really, but you might

nobody cares about MMS.  when an iPhone user gets a text picture mail, it can be accessed by following a simple link.  rather than send a picture text, iPhone users simply send the picture as an email.

Video recording


Voice dialing and text-to-speech caller ID

there’s an legal App Store app for this.

Better software support for phone-related stuff, like optionally adding “Favorites” or “Recents” to home screen (and improved voice quality if possible)

this is a pretty easy thing to do even on a non jailbroken iPhone.

Bluetooth stereo streaming, like the Palm Pre


Bluetooth file transfer and storage


Bluetooth/Wi-fi sync, like the Zune


iLife and iWork Mobile for editing docs and multimedia on the phone itself

editing docs – I’m not sure.  editing multimedia – there are plenty of Apps available for this.

SPEED – The OS gets really sluggish after using it for awhile


A completely new or refreshed UI – There’s something to be said for meaningless but thoughtful design refreshes


Big keyboard support and bulk delete in every app

get a bigger keyboard by jailbreaking.  bulk delete – huh?

Flash support in browser

ok, this would be cool.

iTunes app management

there’s an iTunes App.

Popups and notifications that don’t interrupt your current activity, like the Palm Pre


It’s my opinion the only thing the iPhone is missing once jailbroken is a good wireless carrier, flash supported browser, and a flash camera.

1 thought on ““If Only iPhone OS 3.0 Had These Very Cool Things!” BRIAN LAM AT GIZMODO NEEDS TO JAILBREAK!

  1. Mms my god do you know how many people use it? I think everyone but. Iphone users, and yes their is a jailbroken app for that swirly mms. I have AT&T so it never worked. OS slowdown, mines jaibroken my wives not, the iPhone OS slowdown, you press txt 4 seconds later your txt MSG show up. It takes 2-3 seconds for a call to answer after clicking the answer icon. Reboot does not solve this, using the iPod software makes the slowdown worse.
    A reinstall with the itunes utility does fix the problem.
    Popups, your twittering or heck doing anything , a txt MSG comes in, can you reply without loosing the current application? There may be a jail broken app for that (if it’s not buggy please email me the name) but if your an average iPhone user (my wife) your interupted.
    Bluetooth streaming he hates headphone cords, my guess.
    As for iTunes, I hate it. I want to select my items and cut and paste my music to the folder.
    For me it’s battery life. I have bedroom charger, car charger, and travel charger, and extension cord for the last. Wife does the same except for extension cord.
    I’m looking forward to put my hands on a palm pre, I have a feeling I’ll be porting my number that day. I currently have my treo 650 and tthe iPhone that I carry with me, why? The 650 is my kindle. And it’s orginal battery is still holding a three day charge.
    If I could replace my battery would I switch? The pre videos do make my iPhone seem outdated.
    Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone, but I think the Palm Pre is the trophy wife now. 🙂
    Oh yeah my wife DOES NOT want to switch!
    And this comment was posted via twitterfon on my iPhone.

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