HUH? Digg White Paper Recommendation Engine

What’s the #1 thing  programmers can’t do?  Write…

Things that made sense (because an editor obviously worked on the first few paragraphs and closing sentences)…

People love Digg because it’s a place to discover and share great content from around the Web. The Digg homepage always has the most popular stories, but many Digg users find their content in the Upcoming section, which gets over 15,000 new stories a day. To help users filter this enormous amount of content, we have created a new feature: The Digg Recommendation Engine.

When you Digg a story, you tell the Recommendation Engine two things: that you recommend the story to other users and, less obviously, that the users who Dugg the story before you are good at finding content. The Recommendation Engine keeps track of users who Dugg particular stories before you did, and it recommends you the stories they Dugg. The more content you Digg, the smarter the Recommendation Engine becomes.


We hope you enjoy using the Recommendation Engine and look forward to helping you uncover even more great stories on Digg!

Digg on!

Things that didn’t make sense…

Everything else.

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