Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Tour – 2nd Show Added at Wrigley Field

As originally seen on BccList.com here, it looks like there will be a second show for Billy Joel and Elton John at Wrigley Field. Though, there was a ton of text in the email the Cubs sent out (see below – somebody should get fired) so I’m not entirely sure of the details.

I’ll have to make sure I get in the waiting room this time. The 2nd show on Thursday, July 16th is before the 1st show on Tuesday, July 21st…looks like they oversold, eh? I’d prefer the newly added Thursday night show…

Update 1: Tickets for the second show apparently go on sale Monday, February 23rd at 12 pm. Not sure if that’s central or eastern time zone.

Update 2: So, ticket holders for the show on the 21st can move to the show on the 16th. What happens with all those tickets for the people that moved from the 21st to the 16th? Given the Chicago tradition, maybe they’ll be scalped by the Cubs?!? Awesome. Randy, nice call…I think you’re right.

Update 3: I stupidly landed 8 tickets for the show on 7/16. I only need 2. So, there are 6 for sale. 4 of them are in section 240 row 21. Section 240 has a good angle to the stage. The other 2 tickets are in section 219 row 12. Section 219 is a center stage view. If interested in buying the tickets, please shoot me an email: thelist@bcclist.com.

—–Original Message—–
From: Chicago Cubs
To: thelist@bcclist.com (ok, it wasn’t sent to me)
Sent: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 3:49 pm
Subject: Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Tour – Second Show Added

As a ticket holder for the July 21st Elton John Billy Joel Face 2 Face Concert,
we would like to make you aware of the following announcement:

As you know, there was incredible demand for tickets to the July 21, 2009 Elton
John and Billy Joel Face 2 Face concert at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, many
fans, neighbors and music enthusiasts were shut out of the opportunity to watch
Elton John and Billy Joel perform under the stars at one of the most historic
venues in baseball, after more than 100,000 people tried to purchase tickets.
The Chicago Cubs and local elected officials decided to ask these two great
music icons to add a second concert at Wrigley Field. While it may require
rescheduling tour dates and granting an exception to the one-night-only plan for
this venue, this will allow the fans to get a chance to see the hottest musical
event of the summer.

Elton John and Billy Joel
Face 2 Face
2nd show added – Thursday July 16th
Wrigley Field

Ticket purchasers of the July 21st concert who would prefer to attend the
Thursday July 16th concert, have the opportunity to swap their tickets for the
new concert date. Tickets will be exchanged for comparable locations only.

Please visit us at http://www.eltonandbillychicagoticketswap.com prior to the
deadline of 5 pm on Saturday February 21st to participate in this special offer.

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