VIDEO: The House gop is Back

As I’ve noted several times, the gop doesn’t get it.  They truly don’t.

This stimulus bill isn’t about right vs. left.

This bill is about doing our best to make sure the unemployment rate stays below 25%.  This bill is about doing our best to make sure people don’t stand in line for government cheese. This bill is about doing our best to make sure we’re a more prosperous COUNTRY.

This bill is not about a stupid video with a lame song playing in the background…

What are they, 14 years old?  Come on you pieces of shiat – wake up!

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: The House gop is Back

  1. this bill is about setting the recovery back 2 to 3 years. Your point on this doesn’t make sense, even though they and many economist don’t agree with this, they should just vote for it because then they would be American?

  2. Also, I could care less if those rail lines are going to vegas, they are idiotic no matter where they go, no one is going to ride them, they are as idiotic as Amtrak.

    Let me sumup what this bill did here amtrak even though you can’t make money take some more and blow it. State X (pick one) even though you are incompetent and can’t balance a budget here is more money so you don’t have to make decision and cut worthless programs and fire workers who are making way too much money.

  3. This is conservative, Jeffersonian principles, of which this country was founded on vs. this new “progressive”, radical leftist movement that is sprinting towards socialism.

    The last 8 years weren’t great…Point Taken.

    Just wait for the next 4, if we survive; I anticipate this will be the biggest assault on our Consitution that America has ever seen.

    I’m ready to rumble in defending it; how about you?

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