Stimulus Bill – The gop Screws the Pooch

No republican votes for the bill. How stupid can the gop be? This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. If not for the wacky religious right, I can’t imagine the party existing in 10 years. I’m not kidding.

Without being said, the stimulus bill is a joke. We’re printing money we don’t have. Nobody – republican or democrat – should be happy about the bill passing.

Specifically, I can’t believe a high speed railroad from LA to Vegas was included. Add one more reason to why I despise Harry Reid. If not for Nancy Pelosi and john boehner, Reid would take the prize for most ridiculous person on Capitol Hill. Ok, I take that back – I don’t track or know the worthlessness of each congressional member. Where was I?

Oh yeah, this railroad would have been a great idea – before the advent of the FCKING AIRPLANE. $8 billion so that people can go to Vegas and blow more cash that they don’t have instead of catching a 30 minute flight…possibly the worst idea EVER. But, somebody has to build this stupid railroad. Somebody has to make the steel required for the track/train. We’ll need train conductors and ticket takers. So, in the end, the $8 billion will stimulate the economy.

Like most congressional members, I haven’t read the 1,000 page bill. Fearing the development of an ulcer and/or insomnia, I could never bring myself to do so. As I was heading out the door for dinner, I heard about the $8 billion railroad. I’m sure there are some other pretty ridiculous projects included. But, as the gop should have kept in mind, all of this spending will trickle down and stimulate the economy. We need to hope – regardless of our political party affiliation – the shot to the economy’s arm will occur before (and sustain throughout) the dollar’s devaluation. If it doesn’t, nobody will blame the stimulus bill while they’re standing in line for some soup and bread.

Hence, the gop just made this a no win situation for their party. Meaning, if the spending works, the gop is DEFINITELY dead. It doesn’t work, everybody will remember how worthless bush was and most Americans won’t blame the dems for actually trying. If the gop had a clue, they would have made sure that the bill received at least 30-40% of their party’s support. Oh well, may the party of Lincoln rot in hell.

Ramble, ramble, ramble – off to drink some Brunello!

P.S. A high-speed railroad from LA to New York with stops at major cities in between would be pretty cool/worthwhile though.

Update: Debunking the LA/Vegas high-speed railroad myth…read the following if you want to puke.

Shawn, thank you.

4 thoughts on “Stimulus Bill – The gop Screws the Pooch

  1. Sorry homie, you botched this one. Gotta keep in mind that the R’s strategy is essentially to make things up about the stimulus that sound crazy, because no one wants to read through it to confirm or deny. See Yglesias for more. Please note:

    – the money is for high speed rails across the entire country, most of which are on the east coast and midwest.

    – there isn’t even a vegas-specific proposal in the stimulus. they made that up to embarrass reid. they also made up this swamp mouse/pelosi shit. it’s not in the bill.

  2. I’ll accept full responsibility for the shitty blogging. I haven’t paid attention to the stimulus bill – literally – outside of the 10 seconds I overheard on the way out the door today. Strangely enough, the LA/Vegas high-speed railroad report was aired on the “ultra-liberal” MSNBC.

    Regardless, I’m glad/sad to hear the railroad shiat is gop propaganda. When does a political party become more important than a country?!? This is fcking ridiculous.

    As if it matters, I still find Reid (and Pelosi) extremely annoying. Moreover, I’ll stand by assertion that the gop has truly fcked up by taking such a hard line against the stimulus.

    How do they “win?” If the bill fails and we spiral into bush’s depression? NO. If the bill succeeds at pulling us out of this 14+ month recession? Obviously not. So, why take a hard line in the house and offer only 3 converts in the senate? Baffling.

    P.S. Just googled the swamp mouse/pelosi shit. If it were true, spending on such a cause still makes more sense than the debunked LA/Vegas railroad. Goddamnit I couldn’t be more (unnecessarily) pissed at john boehner right now. Mother fcker.

  3. I liked the post…and you made several good points. I am not sure of the GOP’s strategy, since I am a conservative and the GOP has abandoned my principles, I observe the proceedings on capital hill as a third party, literally.

    The stimulus was a bad plan…it costs WAY too much money that we don’t have. To NOT vote for it is the only responsible way to handle it. Just because Obama thinks that it will stimulate the economy, doesn’t mean that it will; I’m not picking on him, but spending our way out this won’t work.

    If Republicans had voted for it, they would ensure inevitable defeat in the ’10 elections. There has to be a dividing line: Conservative ideals vs. Liberal ideals…the ironic thing is that there are good people on both sides striving for a better tomorrow, each with ENTIRELY different visions. It boils down to less government vs. big government, and the Democratic party is pursuing a more ‘leftist’ approach, in ‘beefing up’ the size and control of government.

    This will stifle our recovery an extra 2 to 3 years, and the Democrats will pay for this in upcoming elections. The last 8 years is what most on the left cling to when supporting the stimulus, and chanting about change and hope, but the Democrats have actually ‘screwed the pooch’ (Americans) on this one.

    The stimulus was wrong, and this will help to rebuild the republican party; that being said, the republican party will come back as a more moderate party, leaving those on the ‘Right’ -out.

    The real issue in the news is actually the census issue: this one will inevitably designate the next 20 years or so of political control.

  4. I’m not completely well versed at the impact of government spending. I know the economic impact of printing money we don’t have. It’s not good.

    But, it’s worth noting, Clinton introduced a (much smaller) stimulus package when he was elected. Our country’s checkbook 8 years later was much more balanced than the checkbook dubya left us.

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