Joaquin Phoenix is Going Nuts – Letterman Clip

Yeah, the Letterman clip from last night – last video below – is long but nonetheless interesting.

I don’t think much is sad – but, these clips are sort of sad.  Joaquin’s officially gone crazier than Kanye.  Here’s a suggestion – go find a beach chair in Costa Rica and drink expensive drinks for a few months.  If not, certain death in 2009…

Letterman Before:


Letterman After:

Maryl, thank you.

P.S.  The “rumor” is true – I didn’t know who Joaquin Phoenix was before seeing these clips.  I guess I still don’t know who he is.  What?

Update: Maybe – just maybe – Joaquin was acting:

11 thoughts on “Joaquin Phoenix is Going Nuts – Letterman Clip

  1. Zach is one of my favorite comics…I like how David Letterman handled Joaquin, but surely Dave’s people were asking WTF when Joaquin was off stage after that unsettling interview. I was uncomfortable, and I was just watching!

  2. Um, I’m way behind on reading this thread, but I had heard that this is all part of a stunt. Casey Affleck is doing a film about him. My bets are on him acting, i.e. not crazy. We will see.

  3. So… let me get this straight. This successful movie actor is creating a fictional joaquin phoenix who is going to become a rapper, releasing, in the process, an as-of-yet titled documentary on the making of his rapping joaquin phoenix, and then after its release, the creator, Joaquin Phoenix, is going back to movie acting? How bizarre.

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