Radiohead with USC Marching Band – Grammy Awards

15 Step at the Grammy Awards. Good work.

Soon to be yanked video – sort of grainy…

[ YouTube REMOVED ]

or, maybe this one will still be up…

[ YouTube REMOVED ]

Update: LiveLeak comes through when CBS won’t…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Radiohead with USC Marching Band – Grammy Awards

  1. I thought this was pretty good as well. Nice change of pace. The people on drums looked like they were going to wet themselves with excitement.

    Also, can we talk about Kanye’s lame attempt to draw attention to himself with the hair? Also, thanks for dressing up. Also, as many commented that the sound wasn’t great last night, I was waiting for him to stop his song and yell at the sound guys like he did at Lollapalooza back in 2006. Because that was fun/necessary.

  2. Yeah, the kids in the band looked like they were having a blast. That was the coolest part.

    Amy, you know I love Kanye. Sort of liked the outfit. Glad he didn’t go nuts on stage because the sound was crap…that would have been Christian Bale weird.

  3. haha I know you do, that’s why I made the extra effort to make fun of him. 🙂 I was impressed with his restraint re: crappy sound.

    Agreed – very cool to see them enjoying themselves so much. Something they’ll never forget.

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