Can the gop Really Talk Politics After the Last 8 Years?

Yesterday, mccain and some other piece of sh!t republican senator piped up regarding the stimulus package.  Of course, they had several critiques of the plan.  Obama’s response – stop being typical politicians, get to work, and send me a bill to sign.

Regardless of your stimulus package viewpoint, does the GOP deserve to speak publicly against anything politically related after the last 8 years?  No.

Here’s dick cheney incorrectly thinking he has any right to open his yapper…

Wow, even after he’s left office, nobody sells fear better than dick cheney.  Rot in hell.

P.S.  Yes, I believe in freedom of speech.  Of course the gop has the right to speak up.  But, they don’t have a right to be taken seriously.

4 thoughts on “Can the gop Really Talk Politics After the Last 8 Years?

  1. The true game of politics is coming from Obama’s presentation of wasteful, unnecessary spending proposals disguised as a “stimulus package”…it’s ridiculous!

    The republicans have spoken in the house, hopefully the Senate republicans will stand up against this together also; it’s wrong for America and will not work.

    This is nothing more than Obama’s ‘payback’ to all who helped get him elected…leftist, socialistic programs designed to re-distribute wealth to those who don’t work for it from those of us who do.

    Scary stuff…and BTW…the Conservative movement is on the rise…just look at the Messiah’s recent troubles in getting this through HIS Democratic Congress…explain that one..???…

    Ryan THE Conservative

  2. Ryan – good to have you back! I know, it’s been boring around these areas lately.

    Anyways, the GOP is definitely dead. The dems need to make sure the American public understands that George THE Conservative’s 8 years were disastrous. I can’t imagine that being too difficult of a task.

  3. Ryan it is good to hear you rejoin the political discourse. My nephew is becoming an outright socialist. The battle continues for the hearts and minds. The fact that the pussies (democrats) have cut off all GOP amendments being considered shows what type of goverment we are to have over the next 4 years from the purile princess of the left coast. You watch they have already overstepped, the house vote proved that.

    Uncle Archie

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