Bruce Springsteen Tea Bags Camera – “Big Game” Recap

Am I allowed to say super b_wl on my blog?  I assume not.

So, going into the “Big Game,” I was solely looking forward to the party. I could care less about either team. But, that all changed…

a) Bruce Springsteen tea bagging the camera at halftime was AWESOME.  Yeah, I already used this line on facebook.  I loved the look on his face afterwards too! Video – though I assume it gets pulled shortly…

b) That was the best “Big Game” I’ve ever seen. Actually, it’s probably one of the top 25 NFL games I’ve ever seen.

c) Larry Fitzgerald is my new favorite player. Class act that he’s willing to taking a pay cut to keep Boldin around. But, he also delivered major on the biggest of all (sporting) stages.

d) I would have loved if the final play went to the booth for at least a few looks. Way too important of a call and I’m not entirely sure Warner’s arm wasn’t going forward. Plus, other than the Lutherans, who wouldn’t mind seeing a “Big Game” Hail Mary? I kid.

9 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen Tea Bags Camera – “Big Game” Recap

  1. Completely agree on the fact that the last play for the Cardinals should’ve at least been looked at a few times. Why wouldn’t they? Its the Super Bowl, it was a possible game winning drive in the last minute, and it wasn’t blatantly obvious whether or not his arm was moving forward. Complete cock-up by the refs. If you couldn’t tell, I was rooting for the Cards.

  2. Listen, Gentlemen….the refs did NOT blow the last call. As was discussed with No Longer Mass Emailing yesterday, it was likely reviewed in the booth (most calls are regardless of a challege by the coaches) and deemed a correct call. I thought it was pretty obvious that his arm was NOT moving forward. All in all, a great game!

  3. Also, to address point A, I saw this on yahoo (The 5 Least Valuable People of Super Bowl Sunday)

    3. Bruce Springsteen’s crotch. If a 59-year-old wants to bust out the power slide, more power to him. But, you know, maybe next time we should see if we can’t make sure that his crotch isn’t going to plow into a camera first. For the benefit of both the viewers at home, and the crotch itself, let’s clear the runway.

    I guess we should all just consider ourselves lucky that Justin Timberlake’s hand didn’t pop out of nowhere and rip off a codpiece just before The Boss got close to the lens.

    If you read all 5, you’ll notice the officials aren’t listed 🙂

  4. In college football, they review every play in the booth. Hence, there’s a lot more stoppage of play for the ref to speak with the booth. But they always get the calls right. I don’t think the booth took a look at the final play. If they did, they should have looked for at least a few minutes. Way too big of a play! I saw that arm going forward…

  5. From USA Today: From USA TODAY

    “TAMPA — The Cardinals’ claims that the fumble that ended their last-gasp drive should have been reviewed are unfounded, said NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira.

    Pittsburgh’s LaMarr Woodley sacked Cardinals QB Kurt Warner and forced a fumble that the Steelers recovered with five seconds left. Pereira [ ]told NBC Sports the league confirmed it was a fumble despite the lack on an on-field review.

    “The replay assistant in the replay booth saw it was clearly a fumble,” Pereira told NBC. “The ball got knocked loose and was rolling in his hand before it started forward. He has to have total control.”

    And there you have it.

  6. I am a Cardinals fan from Argentina. Very nice Cardinals information.
    I am a big fan of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and am hoping for another Super Bowl appearance.
    I hope to be in Arizona for a game this fall.

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