The Solution: Tax Rebate Debit Card

So, I’ve (over)heard politicians/pundits mentioning a concern over offering tax rebate checks because the intended consumers (us) will save the tax rebate and/or put it towards credit card debt instead of spending the money.

Isn’t offering a government issued debit card the solution to people not spending their tax rebate checks? I’m not sure how the logistics would work – it can’t be that difficult – but, of course a government issued debit card is the solution.

E.g. Joe the plumber desires a $750 TV.  Joe walks into an electronics store, uses his $500 tax rebate debit card, and pays the remaining $250 out of pocket.

Seems like a pretty good way to stimulate the economy and get people spending even if it’s monopoly money.  Don’t get me started…

P.S.  I’ve seriously not paid more than 30 seconds attention to the 2009 tax rebate discussion.  If a government issued debit card has been discussed, I apologize.

2 thoughts on “The Solution: Tax Rebate Debit Card

  1. I like Jon Stewart’s idea of giving the money to us (instead of the banks) and then we’ll pay the banks what we owe them, they won’t have to foreclose or send us to collections, and we’ll all be in better shape financially and the banks will still get their money.

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