Don’t Steal Newspapers – Is the Chicago Sun-Times Joking?

I found this sign on top of a Chicago Sun-Times newspaper rack to be really humorous.


I hope they were joking.  If not, the sign unintentionally made me laugh really hard.  There was nothing in the lobby to monitor the newspaper rack.  Why did they have to bring the driver into this?  Thefts will be prosecuted – huh?  If you get caught stealing a newspaper, you should get life since a) nobody steals a newspaper and b) I would think newspapers are the easiest thing EVER to steal.

By the way – since nobody reads newspapers anymore outside of the WSJ and NY Times, shouldn’t the Sun-Times be giving away newspapers for free to increase circulation and thus provide more value to their advertisers?  I’d probably pick up the Sun-Times once or twice a week if I didn’t have to keep change in my pocket.  Just a thought…

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