Go Right Through for MSU – Part 4

Live blogging an expected blowout…

Update: Sparty looked really good tonight.  It’s the best MSU team I’ve seen since the 2000 team.  That’s saying a lot since the 2001 and 2005 teams made the Final Four.   Barring injuries, anything less than a Final Four or NCAA Championship would be a major disappointment.  Keep in mind that the Final Four is being hosted in Detroit this year.  Watch out!

4 thoughts on “Go Right Through for MSU – Part 4

  1. When Roe’s knee blows up you may change your tune, also when Suton is key to your team, this is not your best team ever. Stick to ripping on Bush and please defend Obama’s tax cuts and spending increase?

  2. You’ll notice I said barring an injury. So, if Roe’s knee blows, we are screwed.

    I’m over dubya. And, I won’t ever defend tax cuts unless they’re going to the absolute lowest earners. Regardless, Obama can’t fck a budget up more than dubya so we should be fine.

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