My New Year’s Resolutions

1) Join at least one social networking site per month. is up next and then after I figure out how to jailbreak (wtf?) my iPhone “properly,” I’ll be on  Send some suggestions outside of facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter, digg, etc.

2) Ban smoking.  Unoriginal yet horribly ineffective over the years.

3) Keep posting at least 1 blog entry per day unless I go on another honeymoon in an area where there are days upon days of no internet access or Tim Russert dies again.  Should he, take a one day break.

4) By the end of the year, find something other than technology, politics, and the economy to become fixated with.

Happy New Year…

4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Find a hobby that does not require a keyboard, you are just a little myopic. Say target shooting, it will require that you mix with others that have a different viewpoint. You learn a marketable skill (point of aim, point of impact) out to 200 meters. You fulfill one of the boy scout tenants “Be prepared”. Take up Karate, you know you need the exercise and if gives you an outlet to release your frustrations after recieving comments from the radical right (Uncle Archie). Besides the self defense skills come in handy when the next chump goes after your wallet/Iphone. For the life of me I still cannot understand a Manchester boy/MSU grad not carrying at least a knife. You sure have drunk the Kool Aid bought into the liberal line hook line and sinker. You sure your not French, they are real big on surrender, crapping in the street and blaming all the ills on this planet on the USA.

    Hell even Diane is thinking about getting a CPL. That adds a whole dynamic to the marriage when the wife is a marksman.

    Well good luck on the resolutions but forget the smoking one.

    Uncle Archie

  2. No, the smoking one is a good one to give up. Hopefully, “Uncle Archie” will add that one to his list. Or else Chris will take the karate and kick yo’ ass. 🙂

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