Video from Saturday Night Live: Kanye West on SNL – Love Lockdown

The video takes a second to load and audio quality could be better.  Unless, I had too many drinks last night.  Didn’t it sound better live?

Regardless, Kanye stole my sunglasses.  I guess that means they’re in. Same goes for the hooded sweatshirt.  Bastard.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Album version as seen on here

4 thoughts on “Video from Saturday Night Live: Kanye West on SNL – Love Lockdown

  1. Nope. You had too much to drink. He sounded like crap. He sounded like he ran a mile then did karaoke of a song he had only heard twice before. The video you have does sound a little cleaner then the actual live performance. Not sure why that is. I’ll give you that Love Lockdown was definitely better then his Heartless rendition later in the show. That was just brutal. While his singing may have been a bit off, the actual performance was pretty cool; with the large screens, lighting, etc.

  2. Agreed, Randy. Kanye sucked and I think even he knew it. Maybe the sound was clearer from the other room where you were “stretching”??

  3. A lot of people are dissing this live song on SNL.

    I thought it was great. If you listen to the album version, the tone variables are supposed to be there(muffled).

    I liked it.

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