Auto Bailout: Bush’s Last Chance to Do Something – ANYTHING – Right

As we sat back and lost nearly a decade, Bush has been in office 8 years (too long) and hasn’t done anything right other than stand on a pile of rubble and use a megaphone.

Appropriating loans to the auto industry is his chance – his last chance – to leave any sort of positive mark. And, it’s the only course of action he can take. If he doesn’t, we will literally enter a “depression” (not statistically perhaps) by the time he leaves office.

Of course, I’m sure all this hoopla was arranged. I can hear the GOP strategizing – “We need our president to go out on a high – let’s kill the bill in the Senate and have Dubya use the TARP money.”

Whatever – get the job done, Mr. President.


Update #1: I’m glad there wasn’t weekend drama. The Treasury takes action:,0,4022133.story

Update #2: 50% of voters on CNN (72,141) don’t get it…


15 thoughts on “Auto Bailout: Bush’s Last Chance to Do Something – ANYTHING – Right

  1. The Unions are what is wrong with this…there should not be a bailout…let the big 3 go under, sever the union ties, and start over with a workforce that actually gets paid what they are worth…this is the Union’s fault…they’ve created their own problems…

    I’m shocked that you support this!!!

  2. Yeah, everyone hates the unions. But, you’re forgetting about the non-union jobs. And, if auto companies start filing for bankruptcy, so will each of their part distributors. Who will pick up that tab?

    Maybe it’s because I grew up in the mitten state, but, I firmly support the bailout as I’d rather not see Michigan literally die. This country as a whole will not survive on 49 states.

    I don’t know what the fix is but it would have been a nightmare if GM and Chrysler closed shop and/or filed for bankruptcy by the end of 2008. Actually, things would have been utterly chaotic.

    As noted on several places, they simply need to start building cars people will buy. Focus groups? More progressive engineers? Smarter leadership?

  3. I don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs, except maybe union members…this ‘bailout’ is only a temporary fix that will inevitably end in chaos. The Big 3 CANNOT compete in a global economy under the thumb of the unions…it’s just not possible. It will never work; throw money at it, throw 30 Billion instead of 14 or 15 B, it’s NOT GOING TO WORK.

    You were against the Big bailout earlier for Wall Street, our markets, but you’re for this? I can’t help but wonder why…seriously, I get that you’re from Michigan, but that being said, I wouldn’t support a ‘bailout’ of the beef industry or wheat industry and I’m a producer in Oklahoma, who does business across the midwest.

  4. a) $700 billion (with no oversight though drafted by bush cronies) to bailout dirt ball companies that knew they were dealing shady mortgages is more than $15 billion (with oversight) to bailout 3 car companies that will hopefully quickly figure out how to make a car that people will drive like the Ford Flex, Fusion, Focus, maybe F-150, etc.

    b) The beef/wheat industry doesn’t need a bailout. Cows and plants will always grow and people will always eat food.

    c) I’d rather not see another Great Depression until I’m sitting on a mound of money.

    P.S. I love the feud republicans have with unions. It’s awesome.

  5. you are retarded on this one and the only reason you support this is because you are from Michigan. Let them go bankrupt, restructure to where they are competitive. If you cared so much, maybe you shouldn’t be driving a foreign car.

  6. retarded…??? really? we’re actually using this to describe someone’s opinion? How about “incorrect, wrong, different then my view”…but retarded? mmmm…kkkkk…I’m fascinated by your broad vocabulary…how about this?: you’re a ‘retard’ as you say…

    While “worst site ever” and I may agree that this particular ‘bailout or loan’ is wrong, we disagree on our opinion of the site moderator/owner…

  7. I am a GM retiree, live in Michigan and as far as I concerned GM’s only salvation is reorginization under Chapter 11. The f…in bean counters and arrogant management have spent the last 40 yrs watching market share slip away and not 1 of many reorginizations have addressed the root problem. The market however in that time has addressed the problem however Management continues to placate Wall Street and the UAW and arrogantly denies the obvious. You cannot continue to pay high school drop outs $128,000.00 yr (wages & benefits) to put a nut on a bolt and expect to be competative.
    Bankruptcy will devistate not only Michigan but the entrire midwest, putting further pressure on govenors and legislatures to fix the basic problems through out the Midwest. Those being
    1. High cost of business
    2. High cost of living
    3. Uncompetitive industries
    4. Union lock on Goverment (need to declare midwest in whole as a right to work state and region.
    5. Piss poor K-12 education.

    Finally I believe a depression would help to clearly get a number of peoples heads corrected on what is really important. Believe me devastation, hard times and disaster corrects this nations attitudes on what is important every time.

    So for this being so long winded but “Womb to the Tomb” does not work nor do “Plantation Politics” You are responsible for yourself and loved ones Pal.

    Uncle Archie

  8. if you knew the writer of this site personally like I do, you would know he is retarded. Seriously, thanks for being the PC police, way to take a stand and then use the same word to call me one. You may have to look this word up since you have never seen one, but you sir are a giant pussy.

  9. worst site ever…as eloquent as ever…par for the course; please stick with your crayons and ditch the keyboard…online ‘studs’ like you are quite the commodity.

    Kampmannn is right on the money.

    Ryan THE Conservative

    Nugent ’12

  10. That is quite ironic. Learn to play nice, boys. You may both be working for the unofficial U.S. Ambassador to Russia aka Sarah Palin on a turkey farm one day.

  11. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, especially ‘worst site ever’…you could use a little Christmas cheer my friend.

    I like Amy’s idea…I hear you can see Russia from Alaska! 🙂

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