Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested by Feds – The Route I Took

So, I’m dialed into a sales call.  The attendee hasn’t joined yet.  Let’s take a look at the route I took to get the “news” out that Governor Rod Blagojevich was taken into federal custody.

1) Receive a text message at 8:20 from a friend breaking the news to probably everyone on his cellphone.  The message read, “Blago arrested by feds.”  Mack, thank you.

2) Put dog into cage and (at the same time) grab my iPhone from my pocket.  I’m hoping to make this sound more adventurous as the story goes on.  As I’m walking down the stairs – it’s a monsoon out there – I pull out the phone and load Twittelator since (joined yesterday and only sort of like it) is easily the quickest way I’m going to get this “news” out.  My phone is still trying to connect to my Wifi.  The Twittelator program has taken over the phone and won’t let me turn off the ability to access our Wifi.  Nothing is working.

3) Forget wallet but remember forgetting wallet before getting outside the building.  Could have been worse.

4) Twittelator finally loaded and gave me back my iPhone.  Turned off Wifi connection.  Placed in pocket and listened to music while walking to train stop.  Once covered from the monsoon, I sent out a tweet “blago arrested by feds?” at around 8:30 am CST – 8 minutes after the Sun Times but well before the Tribune.  Bankruptcy, anyone?


5) Get to work 3 or 4 minutes late for the call (but apparently early – reference line 1 and 2 of this posting) because the train was delayed (and full of disgusting wet people).

6) Tell coworkers that Blagojevich was arrested.

7) Dial into meeting and fire up the PC.  Attendee not on call.

8 ) Receive Google Talk links from coworker.  Haven’t checked them yet.

9) Log into  See “Breaking News” headline.

10) Email attendee.

11) Receive NY Times email notification at 9:16 am CST.  Had a cool screenshot I was going to post of the message popping on the bar right next to my clock.  Damnit, I must have copied and pasted something else before creating a .jpeg of screenshot.  Bummer.

12) Attendee postpones until later via email.  Will call me at 9:30 am CST.  Back to work.  Publish posting.

13) Google Talk a link to this posting to a few people.  Will possibly even post to facebook and digg.  Watch out!

14) Attendee postpones until another day.

10 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested by Feds – The Route I Took

  1. Great post on how we consume news. Wish the Tribune would ask these same questions when reorganizing.

    Before the Blago story broke, I blogged on why the Trib is ailing. You’ve validated my thinking here. Thanks!

  2. Jesse,

    Thank you. It’s all about the ad revs. Nobody’s spending – especially offline. The Tribune Company is so bass ackwards when it comes to online revenue generation it’s sick. But, at least they have stakes in companies like CareerBuilder to drive some $. Do they still have a stake in CareerBuilder? Let’s hope so.

  3. Andrew,

    Twittelator Pro 1.5.1 – check
    iPhone 2.2 – check

    Twittelator was (I think) retrieving some data and wouldn’t close while retrieving. I’m not entirely sure this was the case I was running up and down stairs.

    Regardless, I just let Twittelator do its thing for 20-30 seconds. Once released from the program’s “grasp,” I turned off my Wifi connection/fired up some music on my last trip down the stairs.

    It’s my nonprofessional thinking that Twittelator was trying to find an internet connection. Having Wifi “on” but not within a good enough range made things awkward for the program.

  4. Tammy Duckworth is Candidate #1. If you look at the affidavit Candidate #1 is referred to as “She” was President-elect’s choice.

    Blair Hull is candidate #5 – only guy I know who can and will drop a million bucks for a senate seat. He tried this in 2004.

    that’s all I got for now.

  5. I’ve read that senate candidate #5 is possibly Jesse Jackson Jr. Not sure where he would come up with the money, but everything else jives. This is the first I’ve read about #5 being Blair Hull, but I guess it’s just as possible as what I’ve read.

  6. Correction.

    Upon further review, I believe Jesse Jr. is #5 and Blair Hull is #6.

    It seems that both are culpable of the same extortion. “If #5 offered 500k, #6 would offer 1million”. So they are both in the same amount of hot water.

  7. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

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