VIDEO: Sarah Palin Slaughtered Turkey Interview

Seriously, that dude couldn’t have taken a break for 3 minutes?  Or, did someone really think aluminum funnel looking things made for a good backdrop?  Oh my god, we almost had a president from Alaska.

Huffington Post, thank you.

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sarah Palin Slaughtered Turkey Interview

  1. I like how she chooses the adjective “brutal” while the turkey is being stuffed in to have its head chopped off. And the look on the worker’s face is priceless – like, “Should I keep doing this?” Then he just does anyway.

    She is so clueless, I’m surprised she can still talk and hold a cup of coffee at the same time.

  2. I love the creepy wink at the end… as the turkey squirming around, about be to slaughtered (man was that guy patient). She’s still got it!!! Palin 2012!

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